August 3, 2017

Wow, it is already August, guys!

My favorite.
The same reason why you choose your favorite month. Haha.
Mine is coming soon as well. :p

Welcome home, Malaysians.

I am currently settling down in Malaysia, just roughly unpacking my luggage while filling in all forms to be sent to MARA as the common procedure after MARA-sponsored students finish their studies. It is my turn finally, to complete my convertible loan with MARA and finally have a hugeeee amount of debt under my name. HAHA.

Anyway, thanks MARA and thanks my dear Malaysians!


Jet lag.
But let me share you something.

"Perbuatan dan perkara yang sia-sia". Al-Mu'minun, verse number 3.

Define "sia-sia".

For me, it is something that we don't gain anything from it.
Or that thing does not give us profit.
Or we don't learn anything from the losses / consequences.

Surah Al-Mu'minun.

That is actually the aftermath of muhasabah, for me.

I am not going to say more details about the verse itself as I haven't read the tafseer of it. But maybe let me just share how I feel it to be related to my life. Reading the third verse of surah Al-Mu'minun is when I finally found a reason to be more grateful having a packed life since the day I was done with my very last final exam. It was super busy since that day that I slowly started to miss my study life (without the exams though). Nevertheless, I must agree that by getting busy, at the same time I started to put priority levels on everything.

Different people have different priorities, obviously.

Let me share few scenarios directly and indirectly related to me :)

1. Changes. 
Honestly this tweet reflected my feeling towards my married friends, especially the one close to me. But, thanks Siqah for opening my eyes and heart with your reply to this tweet. Married people have new priorities, especially if they already have kid / kids. I believe they really want to hang out with us but they need to take care of their family - that is their priority.

I still love you guys. And I know you too as well.

2. Opinions.
"Eh, sayangnya, sambung lah belajar buat specialisation kat luar tu, lepas tu baru balik. Tengok anak sedara pakcik, dah dapat kerja kat **** sekarang tengah sambung jadi specialist." 

Pakcik, I agree with you. Memang menarik untuk terus sambung belajar. Balik-balik je dah jadi specialist. But, you need to understand the situations. First, the language barrier in Czech. It is doable but I think it is still better to spend my life in Malaysia. Czech offers its international students to work there, even the doctors encourage us to stay (as most of Czech local graduates go to work abroad for higher salary) but I am not that excellent with new languages especially for clerking. Other alternative - work in UK / Ireland (where they prioritize their own graduates), work in Germany (where I need to learn another new language as well). T_T

Second, I want to be with my family while I still can. It does not matter in which state I'll be working as long as it is reachable in a shorter time compared to Europe. This is the main reason I want to work in Malaysia. My priority.

3. Heart Game.
The whole thing is not a game, honestly. I am not playing around. But I feel like I am playing with my heart - up and down. You know, when you invest yourself in something, you need to watch for the risks and consequences. And if you are willing to take the challenges, you need to bear anything you will face. It is basically the same thing when you invest your money, your time and the most fragile is, your heart.

I am giving up on something. Deep inside I believed I already did my best, even though I do believe there are more things I can do to make it worth an investment. But, sometimes, things do not happen according to our plan. Release the rope and let it go. If it is really fated to be mine, it will be. Sooner or later. :)

Good bye T___T

Here, I prioritize my heart. My own heart. The one and only heart.


Enough of examples, I guess.

Plan our days well. My Day 1 after back-for-good phase went good, I did not waste my time so far, alhamdulillah. Towards the upcoming days, I will try my best to appreciate and use them well. Time is gold. I am going to continue living my life to the fullest. InsyAllah :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia
Jet-lag hmph.

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