MARA-Sponsored Graduates - What Should We Do Once Finishing Our Studies?

August 5, 2017

Haha, such a long title!

4th August 2017
Day 3 of BFG 
(BFG = back for good if you guys are wondering) :D

For overseas graduates, we can get these procedures done few days after we got the results by sending all the documents to MARA officer in charge. For example, for MARA students in Czech, we need to refer MARA Officer in Germany.

As even though I did not get the real scroll of my degree (before graduation ceremony), usually the university will give a letter called Dean's Letter. The letter is important to prove that the mentioned name has already finished his study and currently waiting for his graduation ceremony on the particular date... The Dean's Letter can be used to replace the scroll (so far that my friends had been doing).

But, it does not matter if we want to do once we arrived in Malaysia as after graduation, we can just use our scrolls for everything. Just go the MARA Headquarter at Jalan Raja Laut (well, I guess we all know the location haha)

Okay, let's go through few things to be done / forms to be filled.

Bahagian Penganjuran Pelajaran (BPP) 
- Level 3 (use escalator at the lobby)

1. Borang Lapor Diri Tamat Pengajian - get the form here (click)

2. Borang Elaun Akhir Pengajian - get the form here (click)

3. Surat Tuntutan Bayaran Balik Tiket Penerbangan
  • You can use this template. 


  • Fill in the forms.
  • Refer our previous MARA Offer Letter for all information, especially study information (like program, course, duration of study, duration of sponsorship)
  • Attached a verified copy of these - scroll, results transcript. I recommend to verify each pages of the documents (like how MMC wants). If we forgot to verify all those, please bring the original scroll / result transcript and test our luck :)
  • Attach a copy of flight tickets, flight receipt / booking confirmation. 
  • Attach as well bank information like I attached below.

Bahagian Kawalan Kredit 
- Level 3 (use lift - ask for entrance pass at the reception)

4. Permohonan Pengurangan Bayaran Balik - get the form here (click)

  • Fill in the forms.
  • Attached a verified copy of these - scroll, results transcript. 
  • I recommend you to check your current amount of debt via eBaki. If you have not use this website before, simply register as new user. From this eBaki, we can trace ALL money given to us, simply refer the code on our previous offer letters. Like DLES (elaun sara diri - monthly allowance). The 'interesting' part is to see different amount in RM if we received the money in Euro / USD / GBP. Even though my offer letter roughly estimated the sponsorship amount with conversion of €1 = RM 5, it actually depends on current conversion rate. It was getting worse from 2011 - 2017 haha higher rate means more debt. -_-'
  • When we meet the officers, some will tell us the total amount of money sponsored to us.
  • I am not sure when this rule has started, but now, we need to pay RM 300 in advanced to get our forms processed. Simply go to Counter 3 at Bahagian Kawalan Kredit to pay (they will ask us the IC number, MARA number, amount). We can pay with debit / credit card as well. CIMB Click / M2U are applicable as well they said. Send a copy of the receipt back to the officer. 
  • We are done with applying.
  • Now, wait up to 3 months to receive a letter from MARA. It will tell us the total amount of sponsored money, how much we need to pay, how much is percentage, the table for payment etc.
  • RM 300 that we have paid will be deducted from our debt. 

So, that's all.

I myself just applied everything, now I need to wait as well. Hope this post helps you to get rough idea of what to do. :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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