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September 5, 2017

Honestly, I read this book first without knowing it is actually the second book. After reading Pelukis Jalanan, I would recommend to read them from Pelukis to Arkitek Jalanan. But, it does not really matter if you start with this one anyway. 

I read Arkitek Jalanan on my way to Johor Bahru, the time I went to Singapore. It was surprisingly really intriguing as I managed to finish reading it within few hours! 

Front cover.

Arkitek Jalanan
Author: Teme Abdullah
Pages: 330
Publisher: Iman Publications
Publication Date: April 2017

It is actually about the same person - Teme as in Pelukis Jalanan. But I can say, Arkitek Jalanan is more about how Teme went through the challenges of completing his degree at the same time trying to publish a book. 

Teme and Ahmad have different goals upon finishing their studies - Teme: to get first class degree and Ahmad: to secure a job in UK. Are they going to achieve their dreams? 

Back cover.

As I have mentioned in my book review of Pelukis Jalanan, I can still relate myself well in this book. Especially the road to graduation :) I've just graduated less than 2 months ago anyway. 

1. Good friends keep supporting each other.
Family's support is another topic yea, as of course most parents and siblings will have our back. That's why we have the peribahasa, 'air dicincang tak akan putus'. When living abroad, our life is surrounded by friends - if you be friends with good people, insyAllah your family doesn't have to worry much about their child who is far away from them :)

"Sikit je lagi, insyAllah mudah-mudahan kita grad sekali."

This is one of motivation we reminded each other to continue studying even though the breakdown moments were too much to count. 

2. Keep our focus.
Sometimes in life it is hard to say when to stop trying or when should we triple our effort. There is no simple divider between these two. 

Move on?

But, I honestly love what Teme told Ahmad. Sometimes, when we have too many choices, we tend to give up on something with the idea of 'oh, this one is not working, let's proceed to the next plan.' 

I don't know why I keep on thinking about polygamy when I read that paragraph. Maybe due to reason that my married friends sometimes shared posts on Facebook related to this topic - how a man became disloyal to his wife for so many reasons and decided to marry another woman. The funny thing is the husband complained his wife is not beautiful like she used to be but at the same time claimed that he does not have money to buy make up body care what so ever for her then how on Earth he has money to provide for two later? Hmphh. 

Haha, okay okay, back to the book review. -_-'

When we have focus in life, we will ignore all disturbances from surrounding. 

3. "Ya muqallibal qulub tsabbit qalbi 'ala dinik wa tha'athik."
When our hearts kacau bilau, keep saying this verse.

It brings peace insyAllah :)

This verse was mentioned in this book when Teme began to start again after he gave up on something. 

4. Be grateful.
Be grateful for all strength Allah provided us with and most importantly, use that strength for people's benefits in this world. 

Everyone has their own struggles. 
Everyone has weaknesses. 


In love with view of bridges in Prague. Oh Czech, I miss you a lot T_T

So, I am done with reviews on both books - they complete each other, don't skip any, okay?

My rating: ★★★★★

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