How Graduation Ceremony in Czech Looks Like?

September 13, 2017

Today marks exactly 2 months since my graduation day - the time I became an alumni of Charles University in Prague. 

Mixed feeling, it is normal right?

13th July 2017
Karolinum, Prague, Czech

The Asians.

Well, graduation ceremony in Czech is not the same as in our country. There, it is only a small occasion - but it feels so meaningful after years of hard works, prayers, laugh and tears. 

For my batch, the were about 44 graduates. And we were divided into two groups - 12pm and 1.30pm. So, you can see that one specific ceremony only take 1 hour +-. There was less protocol compared to Malaysia.. maybe. I can't recall the last time I joined a convocation here. 

In front of Karolinum.

So far that I know, Karolinum (or the site where Karolinum is located today) was actually a residence and later became lecture rooms etc for Charles University. It is now known as National Cultural Monument in Czech Republic. So, if you guys have the chance to visit Prague, you can put this building in your plan. :)

Charles University (English)
Univerzita Karlova (Czech)
Universitas Carolina (Latin)

The hall. Behind us is where the rector, dean, senate members will sit. The graduates will stand in the middle of the hall, with parents and family members on both sides. That statue is King Charles. 

The Senates.

We didn't really have proper rehearsal. Every graduate was given a briefing just few minutes before we enter the hall. Haha. And graduates don't wear graduation robes as they are only for the Senates. But, we rented the robes later, for the sake of memories :)

The flow of graduation ceremony was roughly like this:1. All guests took their seats.
2. Rector, dean, senate members entered the hall, followed by graduates.
3. Introductory speech by the dean.
4. The Oath.
5. The scroll.
6. Speech by Valedictorian.
7. Shake hands with the senate members.

That's it :D

The graduates.

Usually, the graduates will be standing according to alphabetical order. And through out 6 years, I was always the first person to be called for anything T_T. I thought I would be standing the most front that time. Haha. 

But the tall guy, Matt in front of me was the best student - he received the red scroll! I mentioned him once in this blog - my first official run in Czech. Czech has different grading than Malaysia - if students in Malaysia aimed for the highest 4.0, here in Czech the highest grade is 1.0. 

So, red scroll means, his average results can be around 1.0 (or I can say four flat / close to four flat in Malaysia).

I am not sure her position - but she was kind of the emcee. 
Refer here for Hippocratic Oath.

The oath was delivered in Latin by our Promoter (the one who will give away the scroll). And the graduates will answer the Promoter with Spondeo Ac Polliceor which means I Promise & Swear. 

See the guy in red robe. We need to put our fingers to the stuff he hold while saying Spondeo Ac Polliceor to the Promoter. 
The Promoter. There were official photographs during the ceremony but I am too lazy to buy T_T
Our Valedictorian. Viktoria used to be our group leader since the first year. 
Shake hands session with the Senates. 
With our family members.
This is how the scroll looks like - it is in Latin and we need to officially translate it to English first before it can be used in Malaysia. 
The Malaysians :)


Thanks for the prayers, guys. 
Keep on praying for our journey as your future doctors :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia.

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