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September 12, 2017

This book is highly recommended by few other bloggers and people on Twitter. Because of that, I am triggered to get myself a copy of it. Again, as shown on the front cover - Bestseller di MPH. Ehemm. 

Front cover.

Title: Esc.
Author: Budak Tomato
Pages: 175
Publisher: Iman Publications
Publication Date: August 2015

I categorized this book as self-reflection and self-help. 

Budak Tomato - the first time I know this person virtually when I came across his blog and attracted with his pieces of Chad and Qiden. Upon reading his blog posts, they reminded me of Hlovate. Their styles are not really the same but I have no idea why it feels related. 


Let me share what I have learned by reading this book so far. :)

1. Responsibilities.
While reading this page, it reminds me of two main goals in our life - to be the a'bid (worshiper of Allah) and khalifah (leader). I think I've shared many times on this topic in this blog - just for a reminder to myself. 

"And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me". 
- Quran 51:56

Hak kepada Allah, hak kepada manusia.

2. Budak Usrah.
Maybe some people are allergic to the word 'usrah' - I had that phase before; a long phase before I realized it somehow helps me to develop a better version of myself. Just like other people, I have my own past - the past that I would love to erase from my life. But thing has been done, I can't do changes on it. 

After getting to know these kind of so-called 'budak usrah', I know that people deserved to be treated not because of what they have done, but how they are right now and in the future. People can change. The world can change. 

Usrah is not about getting to know our religion alone - it offers more than that - friendships, general knowledge, career tips, attitudes, life tips. :)

3. Sincerity.
Human loves compliments, somehow. -_-'

I am currently preparing my mental for housemanship (I have no idea when). It is going to be a tough phase - to adapt with the system and to actually 'work'. 

Be sincere. 

Expect nothing from humans but rewards from Allah, ameen. Maybe if not here in this world, may everything we have done can help us later - in the other world.  

4. Respect.
"Pergi sana sini orang kenal."

Somehow, Budak Tomato's words help me to realize and change my perception on this. 

Honestly, I prefer not to be known by so many people. There are advantages anyway for being known - of course people treat you differently. I am known as my dad's only daughter in my town and it feels so bad when people know me (some can even call my name) but unfortunately I can't recall their names and our relations. T_T 

Sorry ayah. 

5. Appreciate our family. 

Do we realized that we tend to fight with our siblings more than with our friends?
Do we realized that we tend to care about other people than our own family members?

6. The lost. 

8 days left to the very first 'one year' since you left us.

Moga Allah lapangkan kuburmu, dijauhkan sebarang gangguan di dalamnya.
Moga ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang soleh.
Moga semua doa kami sampai kepadamu dan mampu menenangkanmu di alam sana.

My rating: ★★★★★

I love all books that I've read so far. :)
Thanks guys for all recommendations!

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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