Cycling Around My Neighbourhood

November 7, 2017

Still remember my Kelly? :D

Barely use it right now but I am still trying hard to make full use of it. 

I miss cycling along Labe river in Hradec Kralove. Cycling is not that safe here in Malaysia, especially on road. There was one time I rode on the main road, looked like a crazy girl waving my hands every time I wanted to change lanes. Not to mention how ehemmm drivers in Malaysia behave T___T

 Haven't try off road as I don't think Kelly is okay for such routes. 

Just finished reading Hiatus, hence 'Another day'. :)

Let me take you around my neighbourhood.

My house is quite far from the main road, so I can say it is a bit quite. When there was not much development around, I could even listen to trains passing by from far away. Now I guess, the sound is absorbed by nearby houses. Maybe. There are many new neighbourhoods right now :)

17 years. 
Years our family have stayed here. And counting :)

Kelly was doing great job despite he was abandoned in the store for quite a while T_T

People haven't build houses in this area. 

Random banana trees along the road.

This is pokok ubi kayu. I was nine when I know there was literally 'ubi' down there. I was so enthusiastic about gardening at that age, especially how to plant trees. :D And I thought people just use the leaves as ulam T__T What is 'ubi kayu' in English anyway?

Pokok petai belalang. This is yummy as well as ulam! :D

There are many more trees around - kelapa, all those serai kunyit temu cabai, mangga, betik. :)

For the time being, I need to jog/run more than cycling as I have 50km to achieve within the first 21 days of November.

So, Kelly you take care of yourself.
I locked you outside so you can be friends with the cats. Haha.
Have fun!

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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