November 7, 2017


Well, everybody in this world have secrets. EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Secrets that people don't find them interesting to tell others. Secrets that people try hard to hide from the community. Humans are not perfect, nobody is flawless no matter how much compliments other people give to someone.

Truth hurts, I know. 

And another truth, a secret will never be a secret when we share it with other people, no matter how much this person is trusted. Yeah, some people are worth 'dying' for when they kept our secrets hidden from other people. But, most of us tend to share secrets UNINTENTIONALLY. Exactly. They actually have no intention to talk about something that may be quite sensitive to us. They are not planning to. They actually don't want to do it.

Sometimes, thing like this happen. :)

A thing we need to remind ourselves. People share something with us because of one thing.
The trust.

Trust is not something easy to gain, honestly. 
It takes time to develop but once broken, considered sold we are ruined. 

“Whoever conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah will conceal [his faults] in this life and the Hereafter.” - Recorded in Muslim (Hadith 36/40)

The hadith in Malay will be like this,

"Dan barang siapa menutupi rahsia seorang Islam,
nescaya Allah menutupinya dalam dunia dan akhirat."

There are more explanations about this verse, feel free to refer to the book for more details. :)

Just, this is a soft, deep reminder to myself as well.
When people still trust us, don't ruin it.

When we hear bad stuffs about our own friends, don't simply spread because they may sound interesting. If needed, ask the truth from them first and keep quiet. 

And remember the rewards Allah offer us in dunya & akhirah. :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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