Here's The Truth, Ladies

November 2, 2017

Wow, maybe this is the first time I am sharing something related to relationships. :D Hahaha maybe I have before, can't recall though.

First of all, this is not mine. My friend shared it on Facebook and well, since age of 20s is mostly the phase of this kind of stuffs, I always see posts like these on my social media. And please let me copy and paste it here for reference.

For my own and yours :)


Here's the truth, ladies.

Being pretty doesn't keep a man.
Being honest doesn't keep a man.
Being loyal doesn't keep a man.
Treating a man good doesn't keep a man.
Being there for a man doesn't keep a man.
Caring about a man doesn't keep a man.
Making an effort doesn't keep a man.
Paying attention to a man doesn't keep a man.
Spending time with man doesn't keep a man.

You could have the best intentions.
You could have the most sincere feelings.
You could be a good woman and still wouldn't be able to keep a man.
Because the only way to keep a man is if that man wants to be kept by you.

You can't force a man to be with you.
You can't beg a man to stay with you.
You can't love a man into loving you.

With a man, you could tell he wants to be kept when the relationship gets hard,
And he does everything to fight for you.
Because a man only fights for a girl he wants to belong to.

So if he isn't fighting for you when things get hard,
Then that means he doesn't want to be kept by you anymore.

The moral of this?

Don't hold on to a man who doesn't want to be kept by you.
No, you're not giving up on him.
It's him who gave up on you.
And it's you who shouldn't waste any more of your time than you already have.

Know when it's time to let go,
Know when it's time to walk away,
And know when it's time for him to be unkept.

Story via
Music by Peder B. Helland


The thing I learned from this video is... similar to what I've shared before, 

"If we can't even control our own hearts, do you think we can control others?"

And, I think this video is not just for girls, it can be actually seen in general.

Another point to be taken into account is "hati manusia memang selalu berbolak-balik". Kan? Pray hard that Allah guides us through anything similar. Relationships, friendships, working life, social life and even anything to prepare us to be better. 

The most important thing, pray hard that Allah will stick our hearts to this deen. Ameen.

p/s - anyone here loves to read IIUM Confessions? Hahaha

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