Halloween Virtual Run (Oct 2017)

November 9, 2017

First virtual run :)

Actually I registered the 21Day Challenge Nov 2017 earlier than this Halloween Virtual Run but seems like I need a motivation to run and this one sounds good. 

I targeted to join 5 or 10km for this but I have no idea how it works that time and turned out I registered for 3km. 

3km pun 3km lah :D

The medal.

Just few days ago in this week, Ayah received a letter on behalf of me. A bit confused as I think I did not buy anything online recently. Haha.

But, hey, it was the medal! I have already hung it in my room, not sure to keep it like that or will put it into storage box like all my previous medals too. -_-' Or maybe I should buy the medal hanger?

Halloween Virtual Run
3km   |   6'06''   |   18:21


Anyway, this is my progress on the 50km-in-21-days mission.

Day 9 | 20.54km out of 50km

29.46km to go.

Few points I re-learned so far:

  • My average pace has improved a bit compared to when I was in Czech. It used to be always be above 7min/km back then. 
  • 6-7 minutes for 1 km, so I tried my best to finish 1 km for every two songs I listened to.
  • Zikrullah for every steps. It helps to keep me able to speak while running - it is my benchmark that I am still running fine.
  • The best way to keep running (if indoor) is to watch videos. I gained both entertainment and exercise.

Fighting, Nina!

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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