Enjoying The Cool Sea Breeze at Padang Kota, Penang

February 10, 2020

Last Saturday, we had a chance to spend about half a day in Penang. We had a wedding event that we planned to attend, it was Haziq's university friend's wedding, held at Kompleks Tabung Haji Bayan Lepas. After having discussion, we decided to stay overnight so that we have few hours to spend around. 

Friday, 7th February 2020.

I was on my postnight shift, while Haziq finished his work schedule at 5pm. Alhamdulillah I had a good night shift at that time. After completing my work for that shift, I stayed for 1hour+ to get my assessment done. 2 more assessment to go and I need to study actually while writing this blogpost. Haha.

Arrived home around 12pm, got my lunch and started to pack my stuffs. Girls being girls, I still need time to decide on clothes to bring and so on. And since I got married, I tend to wear the same color attire as my husband. Not sure why, but I think I grew up with this kind of thing - I mean, almost all my mother's clothes have their matching pairs with my father's. 

We started our journey to Penang around 6.30pm, passing by Pantai Remis --> Terong --> Changkat Jering (this is where we can finally get onto highway). I wish the WCE highway will be complete very soon, anyway. For now, it only cover Beruas to Lekir. We also dropped by the pasar malam to get few snacks.

Finally, arrived Penang, to be exact our hotel room, at around 10pm. It was the last minute deal (always like that though). The hotel is Grand FC Hotel, located very close to Transfer Road where we planned to have our breakfast the next day. :)

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Grand FC Hotel, Penang

2 single beds combined together. 

- a new hotel - so you can expect clean and new rooms with functioning toilets
- private parking space (on first come first serve basis) - you can avoid getting penalty / pay for parking fee outside.
- walking distance to famous breakfast along Transfer Road - will share more on this as it was my very first experience having breakfast at the side of road like that haha.
- good security - the hotel lifts require the assess card to go up. But you don't need the card to get back to the lobby.
- easy check in - since we already paid online for the room, there was no problem checking in. Oh, prepare RM50 for deposit.
- wifi - acceptable.

Super clean toilet with functioning water heater

- thin wall - basically you can hear people closing their room doors but it was not that loud to be irritated with. Bearable much.

The branches look like our lung (I mean the bronchus - bronchioles) :D

After done with check in, we went to Padang Kota just to enjoy the sea breeze. Haziq had only been once to Penang (during his graduation), hence there were lots to show him. Hehe.

Let's start with Padang Kota.

I used to come here a lot. My uncle's flat was just few meters away from the seashore. It was the eve of Thaipusam, though I expected a bad traffic jam... it was almost clear!

Buskers all over, there was a booth for henna too. 

Luckily his voice was nice. :) There was a huge crowd anyway, I bet this busker team managed to catch the audience's attention.

Not to forget, you can get your foot massage here. Not sure how much it is. I feel it is too public to get the massage hehe, so we decided not to try though the pressure shown by the masseurs and masseuses look promising. 

If you bring kids here, they are surely going to enjoy the playground and all the blink-blink merchandises sold there.

After enjoying few songs, we went to Padang Kota Lama Food Court to taste some pasembor. There are too many choices of stalls, we just chose the closer one. Here there was quite a bad memory for me though it was actually nothing to bother. It was when I bought the drink.

Me: Nak tembikai ais satu.
Uncle 1: Aaaa okay2 bayar sana (refering to Uncle 2 who is in charge on the money).

After paying, I stood there to wait for my drink. Uncle 1 told me to just sit first and come back later to pick up. I went to my husband who was queuing to pay for pasembur, then after around 5 minutes I went back to Uncle 1.

Me: Tadi ada order tembikai ais, dah siap ke? (there were lots of watermelon juices on the counter, I thought maybe one of them is mine)
Uncle 2: Sudah bayar belum?
Me: Sudah, ni tengah tunggu nak ambik je.
Uncle 2: Saya tak rasa adik dah bayar.
Me: Ehh, saya dah bayar lah, ni baki tadi uncle bagi.
Uncle 2: Iya ka? Macam belum saja.
Me: Adoi, sudah bayar la uncle.
Uncle 2: Hmm takpelah, saya halalkan aje lah kalau tak mau bayar.

I was like... what?
I got a bit irritated. 

Me: Uncle 1, tadi saya sudah bayar kan? Saya tunggu sini tapi uncle kata pergi duduk dulu.
Uncle 1: Ya lah, betul betul, you sudah bayar.

Hmmm. Tak best betul perasaan ni. 
Tembikai ais je pun!

I understand that you can't remember the customers' faces but if this does happen a lot, can you imagine how many times the customers may be paying twice? Maybe you can consider giving our receipts, uncle? 

Luckily the pasembur recover my mood. ;)

So many choices, yummy!

Till next post, gonna show you how the Art Street looks like at night :D

AEON SM, Perak, Malaysia

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