Roti Canai Transfer Road, Penang

February 21, 2020

The next day, we went to try the famous stall along Transfer Road, Penang. Since our hotel was just walking distance to the stall, we just left the car at the hotel's parking area and walked to it. Around 2 minutes walk, I think.

Basically the hawker will prepare lots of this food and serve all the new customers coming to the stall. And you can also order other food as well. The drinks were prepared by the other hawker, so the payment was separately for both food and drinks.

This roti canai + chicken curry = around RM8, if I'm not mistaken. The portion is big enough so, maybe the price is still okay. 

Me and the boys. We were planning to go to our friend's wedding ceremony later in the afternoon.

This is how the stall looks like from Google Maps. 

For me, the taste was nice. I mean the roti canai was really soft and when it came together with delicious chicken curry, hotly served, it feels yummy. Just, I was a bit awkward to eat at the roadside like this. Haha. I mean, it is not like I haven't try any hawkers like this, but sitting very close to a busy road like this one is frightening. T_T

It was a beautiful experience, anyway. Looking forward to more :)

SM, Perak, Malaysia

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