Lebuh Armenian, Penang at Night

February 17, 2020

Just a short post for memories. :)

I have been twice to Penang Art Street, the first one was with my parents and the second was with my Norwegian friend, Hege... both trips were when I was waiting for housemanship.

This trip was a bit different. Maybe because I came with my husband and maybe because it was at night. Told ya, we didn't have much time to spend in Penang T_T

It was almost 12am, we just managed to walk around a street. Don't know why I was too tired, I requested to return to the hotel. -_-'

It was Thaipusam anyway.

Haziq and the kids on the bicycle. 

I think the background is nice. Maybe it will be nicer during the day and with a good camera. Hehe

The street at night. Reminds me of my previous Singapore trip, when I visited the Chinatown. 

Till next post :)

SM, Perak, Malaysia

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