I am Dreaming of...

May 5, 2020

... this pandemic to be over.

I am sure everyone hope for the same too.

It was a hard year, I can say. Beginning from end of January, when the team was given a briefing about the potential spread of Covid19 in Malaysia, then we were taught on how to properly don and doff our PPE. At that time, the cases were still low, there was no social distancing even in the hospital. When the cases increased in number, almost all seminars / teaching sessions / CME have been cancelled. In the middle of March, healthcare workers' leaves were freeze and most of us need to work and go to the health care center as usual.

It is already 2 months since I last met my parents too. I miss hugging them. 

I miss the beach, so close yet so far.
I miss travelling.
I miss freedom of playing badminton at the courts with friends.
I miss going to body massage (which my body need it right now).
I miss eating out.

But, I believe everything surely happens for reasons.

I hope by the time this pandemic is over, we already learnt how to appreciate the health more. Always continue all the proper hygiene we have learnt through out the MCO. We will appreciate the moments we can spend with the families too. InsyAllah :)

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