I Miss...

May 15, 2020

... this view.

I miss travelling actually, walking around the airport to catch flights.
I miss sitting by the window and watch the beautiful scenery from the top.
I miss the feeling to pass the security control and to have another stamp on my passport.


I was actually planning to have a trip back to Czech after completing my housemanship hehe :D. Usually, after housemanship, we are allowed to use the remaining annual leaves and take a long holiday up to 27 days (if I am not mistaken). But my husband was still working at that time, so I decided to wait for him first to go later together. I went to the office to inform that I would be starting my floating (junior medical officer) soon. 

Due to Covid19 outbreak, my friends who decided to take that long holidays were called to start working and our leaves were apparently have been frozen since March. 


And I think travelling abroad is going to be tricky after this pandemic, right?
Maybe travelers need to provide supporting documents, health reports - new norms maybe?

Day 9 of May Photo A Day - I Miss...
SM, Perak, Malaysia

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