I Made This PPE :)

May 10, 2020

On last Wesak day, I had this opportunity to learn and watch the staff nurses making our own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in our observation ward, this ward was closed due to rearrangement of our Emergency Department into Respiratory area & Non-Respiratory area and has become our 'store' and staff area.

  • Respiratory area - attending patients with any complaints of SARI (severe acute respiratory infection) symptoms like fever / shortness of breath / cough / runny nose / sore throat / any history of Covid contact. Sometimes, the patients may come with other main complaints like infected wound over foot but just because he/she have any of these SARI symptoms, the patient will be attended in Respiratory area.
  • Non-Respiratory area - attending patient with any complaints without SARI symptoms

Me: kak, nak try buat satu bolehh?
SN: haa, nah try jahit bahagian lengan ni dulu. 

At first I just need to sew the stretchy area over the end of the sleeves. Then, slowly and patiently, Kak Daini & Kak Atun taught me how to sew the whole PPE. Since I have no skills of using the sewing machine, my product was not that neat. Terlebih sana, terkurang ni. Hahaha. Nasib baik laa PPE ni pakai buang. If you compared to their products, fuhh, dah macam baju raya, kemas sangat!

My first PPE everrrr.

Honestly I only have the most basic skill for sewing, which means, I can only do hand sew like picture attached below.

Source - https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-sew-basic-stitches-221433

Though my mum is literally good in this, I guess I don't inherited the skill haha. For every Eid celebration, my mum will usually send some plain cloth to her favourite tailor and then she will make her own decoration on the dress with all those beads, labuci etc. For mine, my mum will 'encourage+force' me to the same so that I can survive with hand sew haha.

But, my skills of using the sewing machine - NIL


After completed one and a half of PPE suit, we heard the bell informing there were new cases in the respiratory area. So, that marks the end of my PPE sewing journey. Lol, when I returned to the sewing area later, seems like they already finished sewing. :D

It was honestly a nice experience.
Thank you akak-akak sabar mengajar!

p/s - my mother-in-law has awesome sewing skill too! :D

Day 6 of May Photo A Day - I Made This
SM, Perak, Malaysia

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