The Roadblocks

May 11, 2020

I know that we are now in PKPB where almost all local roadblocks have been lifted. I think there are some at the districts' borders, no idea actually as I haven't try crossing the district yet. 

During the PKPD, I need to pass through 2 roadblocks between my house and the hospital. It was supposed to be 8 minutes journey, but with roadblocks, I need to leave the house at least 15 minutes earlier. Less cars actually at the beginning and the middle of PKPD, but fuhhh the traffic was torturing towards the end of it, especially when we were entering the PKPB.

Kad Petugas Kesihatan

Similar to other health care workers, I received my own card too. Just sharing this here so that I can read this later. Still not fancy much to share life journey on Facebook. And I still prefer the blog to elaborate my stories and experiences than on Instagram. 

Police / army: Assalamualaikum Cik/Puan. Nak pergi mana ni?
Me: Nak pergi kerja encik.
Police / army: Oh, kerja mana?
Me: Kat hospital.
Me: *I can see they suddenly took a glimpse on the front screen*
Police / army: Ohhh, maaf Cik/Puan, tak perasan kad ni. Okay, boleh jalan, lambat pulak sampai nanti.
Me: No problem. Terima kasih Encik.

I am not sure if the card is small to be seen, or maybe I put too deep between the dashboard and the screen so it could be hard to be seen. Haha

But, never mind as the questioning did not take too much time every time I mentioned about the hospital.
To make it even easier was by hanging my stethoscope around the rear-view mirror.

Honestly, I think they have a challenging task to check every cars. I felt so bad seeing them standing in the middle of the road under hot sun, even on rainy days too. T_T

Lots of time, the scenario was like this:

Police / army: Ohh doktor kee? Boleh check kami tak? *sambil gelak-gelak*

Haha, here I knew they were already tired. You know, sometimes, you can see a tired face trying to say something funny to cheer themselves. :)

Me: Bolehhhh, nanti saya inject sekali. Nak saya cucuk kat mana?
Police / army: *sambung gelak*

Thank you to all frontliners. 
Now, everyone need to take care of our own. 
  • Always think twice before leaving the house especially if we don't have solid reasons. 
  • Always wear face masks outside especially if we are dealing with people
  • Always wash our hands / use sanitizers
  • Keep 1 meter distance with each other - social distancing.
  • Avoid 3C - closed conversation, confined space, crowded place.

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