Road Trip ; Pruhonice Park, Prague, Czech

November 1, 2014

I've been spending my weekend wisely by exploring Czech :) And usually, they were by train, by bus, by bike or on foot. And this time, it would be a road trip! Wohooo. I had my international license done when I was home last summer, so, let's make full use of it.

Last weekend, my friends and I went to a place listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Prague. It is Pruhonice Park and Castle; reachable by public transport from center of Prague (15km southeast of Prague). Take buses no. 363 and 385 metro line C 'Opatov' to the busstop “Průhonice”. And if by car, it is not that hard to reach there (just use GPS. hihi).

Basically, Pruhonice consists of a castle surrounded by natural park; filled with grassy open spaces colored by trees, streams, ponds, waterfalls, look-out tower. Since the current owner of Pruhonice is the Institute of Botany; you can expect hundreds of local and exotic plants. :D

The water was not so clean that time T___T

The area is very large - approximately 250 hectares. So, they already plan few routes for visitors. Before you can enter the park, you need to pay for entrance ticket - 30kc (student price). Then, you can take the pamphlet from the office, in this case you can choose any routes that suit you.

There are 3 routes - based on length and estimated duration of time.

1. BLUE - Basic Tour Route; 1.5- 2 hours; 2.5 km
2. YELLOW - Main Tour Route; 3 - 4 hours; 5 km
3. RED - Viewpoint Tour Route; 5 - 6 hours; 10 km

Since we were looking for not-so-long-yet-not-so-short route, we decided to follow the yellow one. The marks were quite confusing for me, as sometimes I don't really know where was I based on the map. :p Maybe that's my weakness. :)

Well, since I am trying to promote people about the beauty of Czech (actually to promote students here to explore Czech. hihihi), I must say that this place is also a must; especially in autumn and spring. We went there in late autumn, just imagine, the view of what we saw during our tour was slightly different with the previous week. :D

Aha, by the way, I'm pretty sure most people with smartphone have Instagram right? And we use hash tags to classify our uploaded photos to few categories. For me, hash tags are not just for promoting or make it easier for people to like the photos. But, we can also use hash tags to have a view of how the place we are aiming to go looks like in few previous days :) 

Late autumn - means it's getting colder. Yeap, it was, I can no more take off the trench coat. I even prepared a pair of gloves, in case of getting numb fingers. 

Before going back to Hradec Kralove, we stopped at SAPA which is quite close to Pruhonice. I can say this place is full of Vietnamese markets - with lots of buildings for different stuffs. Like the one above, Tamda Foods is the supermarket for groceries. Of course, it is loved by Malaysians to buy things in bulk - like the prawns, squids, fish, soy milk etc at cheaper prices. Aha, not to forget, the important cili padi and lemongrass :D They are very expensive in the center of Prague and also in HK itself.

The RnR at the highway :)

There are no tolls at the highway! Wohooo, that's great! But, I don't understand why there are no lights along the road. Like seriously, when you drive at night, you are solely depending on your car's front lamps for lights. And even, you can use high beam if there are no cars in front of you (I saw cars in front of me doing it). I guess, cars on the other side of road are not really affected with that high beam as there are bushes in between the roads. 

One thing I learnt throughout the journey, is about the GPS. GPS functions well to show us the way, right? And sometimes, different GPS will suggest different routes eventhough the destination is just the same. Maybe what differs them is the distance.

That's similar to our life. People may have different lifestyle, ways of life. But, we need to remember that we are heading to the same direction - Akhirah. We might have lots of obstacles on our way or maybe others may not have the same resistances. But be grateful that Allah gives us challenges that are within our limits. :)

Keep on moving forward, and make sure to recalculate our life routes when we find ourselves lost along the way to prepare ourselves to meet Allah. :)

wAllahualam. <3

v Khaulah,

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