Trigames, Prague 2014

November 18, 2014

Worth taking part. :)

Our little family in Czech :)
Picture credit to Bridget Yong

Trigames ; is one of the way to gather all Malaysian students here in Czech. It used to be iGames, which means inter-varsity games between 3 localities where Malaysian students are studying. Prague, Hradec Kralove and Olomouc. But iGames was ended last year. Due to decreasing number of students in Czech (most students had graduated), the concept was changed to Trigames.

3 major games; competed by 3 teams - combination of all students in whole Czech. The names of the teams was very unique and medical :D

Anasarca :D or maybe AnaKorea AnaMuslim hehe

Anasarca (Yellow/Orange)Generalised edema - what is that? Basically, it occurs when fluid in vessels get into tissues and cause them to swell. 

Beri-beri (Red)It occurs to patients with deficiency of Vitamin B (thiamine). There are two types of beri beri. Wet type - it can affect the heart function leading to heart failure. While dry type - can affect nerves and lead to paralysis. 

Cirrhosis (Blue)Liver cirrhosis is the most common one in Czech, I guess. Hmm at least the most patient I've met. Basically, cirrhosis is the scaring of liver tissues after being injured - in Czech case - due to alcohol. 

Enough of the introduction. :D

I was in Anasarca team. We didn't win the whole games, but I guess, I got what I expected from this Trigames.


Yes, eventhough I've been to all iGames for the past 3 years, I can still feel a lot of gaps between localities. I felt so awkward to have conversation with people I don't really close to. Hmm, maybe still at the time being. But, still, I managed to chat with people I've never greet before. I managed to know more students that I've never seen (or maybe I don't realised) before. 

Even we just had the time to plan our strategies on the day of games - it was just nice; not to have so much winning desire but more to be playful :D 

Oh, I forgot to mention which games were included in this Trigames.


Among these three, I only have confident with volleyball. It is not that I am an expert in it. But, I love volleyball so much and I have some knowledge about the rules and tricks. Hihi :)

I did participate in basketball though. Just mentioning again, I already know I don't really like games with many body contact, so I found it hard to play basketball with so many rough moves and attacks from the opponents. And yet, it was the one which cause me to sweat a lot. Haha. Great! No need to do work-out that day. 

Most of times, we just play other games too - like dodgeball and renovated netball. :D 

With my lovely Kak Akieyyy

I love the feeling of being mixed with other localities. 
I love not to have the impression of 'bla bla Olomouc' or "bla bla bla Hradec or Prague" etc. :)

Thank you, Prague committee for having us as guests in this Trigames 2014. Till we meet again in any events soon.

v Khaulah,

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