The Power of Malaysian Passports

November 21, 2014

Biometric card is just like our identity card (kad pengenalan) with picture and few details. It is used here as an alternative of passport. 

My Czech I.C.

I had a question from my international friend about the biometric card used here in Czech. She asked if having biometric card with long-term residence visa in Czech allowing us to travel to all EU countries without any problem. By the way, she is NOT a passport holder of any EU countries. 

Actually, I have no idea about it. I just thought that having visa only allow me to stay in Czech with no further questions being asked. Well, any Malaysian passport holders can be here without visa for 90 days per half year though. That's good :D But, when I'm flying home, I will present my biometric card along with passport every time I pass Czech customs. Exceed 3 months, right?

I'm trying to help her finding more information, I suddenly remember I read online about "How Powerful is The Malaysian Passport?" Ahaa, now I realised that Malaysia is one of the top 10 most powerful passports in the world! It is tied with Malta, at the ninth place, two rank behind South Korea.

What does it mean?
The power of the passports indicate how far you can travel in this world without visa. For example, Malaysian passport holders can travel to 163 countries without the need of visa :D Alhamdulillah.

Check here for more details :)

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Or maybe you can check the wikipedia - visa requirements for Malaysian citizens. or change it to any citizens you want to know. 

For my friend's case, her passport does not allow her to travel to EU countries without visa. I hope she will be able to apply for every visas to each countries she would like to go. I think it's quite hard to do them here, but I'm sure she will get them done :)

Let's travel the world and reflect new experiences to be a better person :)
Have a nice weekend, people!

v Khaulah,

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