Gorgeous Autumn Walk ; Czech

November 14, 2014

Autumn; I guess it is on the way to close its stunning view with so many bright golden leaves scattered all over the ground. Most trees try to shred their leaves before the cold winter comes. Yeah, it is already quite cold now, especially when I cycle to school everyday. Gloves are important. When the cold, strong wind strike my face, it feels so refreshing - and painful T_T

Before it's over for another year, let me share with you some more amazing views of autumn forest here in Czech Republic.  :D


This is actually Cesky Raj; again. But, this time, I walked in another part of Cesky Raj. And the view here is just different that previous one. :) Check here.

I was there with many new friends! It was actually a trip planned by my juniors, in which they have same interest as me :D And along the way, I managed to help sometime with the navigation as I just learnt about dealing with routes. :) Yeah, girls still can read map, yeay! 

By the way, they are from Poland, India, Libya, Czech, Greece, Cyprus etc. Since most of us are international students, I'm excited to see how non-Czech deal with this hiking-walking thing. And I'm amazed that they love to take pictures too (same like me T_T). 

Piotr, Masha, Pawel, Rishika, Magda, Syafikah, Andria, Basma, Ela, Hanis

It was already late-autumn, in which most trees are leave-less. Haha, I'm not sure if it is a right word, but I just want to say there were less leaves still hanging on the trees.  

It was a lovely walk. <3

I met many people walking with us, and most of them were elderly T_T Just imagine our grandparents walk along the road beside a lake, holding hands, keep themselves next to each other. It was beautiful! 

I also met my Anatomy final-exam examiner! :D Haha, it's awkward for me but, it still feel nice to see him with his lovely wife and 2 shy twins; outside the school time. Final exam here are majority done orally, so, imagine yourself sit in front of your lecturers, answering all those questions. And they can ask you so many things and you don't have the chance to skip any questions or maybe just say, 'I don't know but maybe you can tell me'. :p

I've been joining last year autumn trip with him and other Czech students actually. :)

Apple trees
Going to suburbs or villages or anywhere outside the skirt of towns, means you can have the chance to see or eat so many apples! The apple trees are all along the road and you can just pick it up and eat as long as you know the trees are not in somebody's gardens  :)

Czech is full with castles. Here is another one - a preserved gothic castle; Hrad Kost. It was closed during our visit as they will not be opened starting November till March. 

Basically, most buildings in Europe are based on Gothic architecture. It was a style that come from 12th - 16th century. You can check more about it in Wikipedia; I'm not able to put them into simple words. :) 

p/s If you are travelling to Europe, Czech should be considered to be on your list, okay. Most of times, its beauty is indescribable. <3

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