My First Official Run in Czech :D

May 18, 2016

Wohooo, alhamdulillah, finally I had a chance to run officially here! :) 

Run Tour Czech 2016 - Hradec Kralove, Czech
I was searching hard for my name there, but... maybe my name is too long to fit there. T_T

Well, to those who read my posts before, I shared how happy was I to be a finisher in Free Run for Fit Malaysia, Ipoh. I learned many things as well last time. Click here to read my experience for that run :D

Since then, I look forward for more runs, in Czech. It was autumn when I returned to Czech after months of summer holidays back home. It was getting windy at that time, I was busy with my study as well, trying to adapt back after holidays' mood. 

And there you go, my first official run in Czech! 
30th April 2016. 

As usual, I always invite other people to join as well. But.... T_T sadly, there was no one who was able to join. So, I took the courage to just register despite knowing I will be running alone. Haha. 

Run Tour Czech 2016 - Hradec Kralove, Czech
This was how the event look like :)

The event generally started at 8 am, but the session for 5 km run (I registered for this) began at 12 pm. Since I haven't collected my starting kit, I went there earlier. Basically, I received a bag - with a snack bar, a mineral bottle, lots of pamphlets, and what else... I can't remember right now. 

Oh well yes, the registration number! 

Run Tour Czech 2016 - Hradec Kralove, Czech
Registration counters


The paper was unique enough with something at the back. It feel just like double sided tape, but it actually contained a chip to record my official time for the run. Since this was kind of new to me, I still keep the paper safe on my wall of memories :)

Run Tour Czech 2016 - Hradec Kralove, Czech
Maryam, Lucie, Muhammad Atan. 

A selfie before my run. Look at my supporters. Lol. Rasa poyo pulak ada supporters bagai.

Atan came as well! :D Wohooooo. He was quite famous on that day, as he was the only cat at the event. Haha. So many people want to touch Atan especially the kids. 

Kočka. It simply means cat.
Run Tour Czech 2016 - Hradec Kralove, Czech
Seeeee. Atan was so attractive, which made us into a center of attraction as well. :).

Run Tour Czech 2016 - Hradec Kralove, Czech
The weather was really good for this event. Just look how they provide those big pillows on the floor! :D



Calling for 5 km runners. And while waiting for the start here, I met my classmate, Matt. He was excited to see the GoPro, he thought I was going to record my run. Lol. Maybe next time. 

Run Tour Czech 2016 - Hradec Kralove, Czech
With a 2-meter tall guy. He is a very bright student though! 

Run Tour Czech 2016 - Hradec Kralove, Czech

The picture above is the official one. I can't remember the location but, looking at the bottle that I was holding, I think it was after 2 km. Actually, I am not a person who drink a lot while running. Just, I don't feel good to simply throw away the bottle on the road. Well, yeah I knew there will be some people who worked to collect those rubbishes after the run. But....
The medal 

Alhamdulillah! I managed to finish the 5 km run with unofficial record of 35 minutes. The official one came out later at night with this electronic certificate (Czech people call it diploma). Wohoo, my new personal record - 5 km for 34:46.

My ranking for that run was number 495 out of 540+.

Hahaha, while Matt was the top 50 from above, here I was; the top 50 from the bottom. Diploma Diploma

Overall, it was a nice event - with wide ranges of people; from babies to children to teenagers to even old people. Even the kids have their own run - 1 km :D

A thing that I have realized (again and again) is..... small am I and how short my legs are.


New mission - Prague International Marathon 2017! Let's go!

S.K. Neumanna, HK, Czech

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