5 Days of Tagging

March 10, 2018

Well... I am still contemplating to share my housemanship life here. It can be misinterpreted and misunderstood, as people are reading from just one side of view. But, insyAllah I will try to reflect my days and improve every single thing that I can. Still trying to.

Let me share about how a doctor can become a practicing doctor.

A doctor is not yet a doctor in Malaysia, until s/he is certified by Malaysia Medical Council (MMC) with his/her registration number. How to be one? A graduate with a medical degree need to do housemanship as 'doktor pelatih' for 2 years with 6 departments. It means, s/he need to work for 4 months at least for 1 department before proceeding to the next one, only after s/he pass ALL requirements and assessments through out every departments. 

So, how is my life right now?

5 days of tagging out of 2 weeks. Applied to all hospitals around Malaysia, tagging days start at 6-7am and end at 10pm plus. 15 hours of working every day for 6 days per week. If someone got lucky, the department will allow taggers to get an off day in a week Otherwise, some may require taggers to work every day for 2 weeks. 


So, I currently survived 5 days of tagging and have an off day today. Still thinking either to sleep or to go out or to do intense revisions. Deep down, I think I need to do all of them today. Haha.

Housemanship journey will not be like this straight path but things will work out, insyAllah :)

What I have learned so far?

1. Doctors and responsibilities.
  • Doctors are still students but not as a title of students. There are LOTS of thing to learn, adapt, manage every single day, while trying not to make the same mistakes twice.
  • Doctors are responsible for the patients. We need to attend patients even with the slight symptom like headache due to stress as we are doctors and simple symptoms do not all the time mean nothing wrong is going on.
  • Always seek help from seniors, superiors, hospital staffs every time we are not sure as we are dealing with people's life.

2. Masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri. Yang baik kita simpan dalam hati dan ingatan.
  • Hospital environment is something new as a working place to me. Even though I managed to spend a month in hospital in Malaysia, the environment is totally different. Maybe because I were still a student back then and responsibilities of students and doctors are hugely different. 
  • Working is not all the time about happiness and calmness. We can get scolded for important stuffs we miss while clerking the patients. We can also get scolded for mistakes we made while trying to find out what are the things going on with the patients. And.... we can also get scolded for nothing. 

3. Approach to patients.
  • These are few things I can recall right now that I wish I will always try my best to do it:
    • Always greet the patient with a smile and introducing myself, no matter how hard my day is.
    • Always reconfirm the name of patients so that I do not attend the wrong patient with the wrong diagnosis and plan.
    • Always be careful with needles and procedures to prevent harm to patients and even myself.
    • Always double confirm with the patients about the symptoms they have as some will suddenly change their sickness when the superiors ask.

4. Advice to myself.
  • Adapt faster and be familiarize with EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOMS WITH THEIR DIAGNOSIS AND PLANS.
  • Write faster with readable handwriting.
  • Take blood and insert branulas with more confidence. Always transfer the blood into the respective tubes and label them as soon as I took the blood.
  • Be careful with names and R/N number of patients as patients may change their bed or I can't remember their faces.
  • Smile, smile, smile.
  • Be good to others no matter how bad they treat me.
  • Think positive every time I got scolded - that scolds are for my own good and those are mistakes that I surely need to improve.
  • Improve and don't keep harsh words I received in my heart. They surely have their bad days too.
  • Admit the mistakes I made and always ask for help if I get lost somewhere.
  • Always find time for prayers, meals and to contact my family.

All in all, tagging days are tiring but insyAllah these days are the one that will help me to be a better and a safe doctor to the community. InsyAllah, ameen ameen.

Doakan yang baik untuk saya ya.
I'll improve myself!

M, Perak, Malaysia

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