Beautiful Quotes from Lee Chong Wei Movie

March 26, 2018

I am running out of time for this post, but I really want to write down the lessons I learned from this movie. Honestly, as a badminton fan, this movie has a soft spot in my heart. Especially to appreciate that a sport legend is not a legend at the first place, but he wins the world with efforts, passion, determination, supports etc.

Oh yea, this is the very first movie I watched alone in cinema.
So far that I can recall, I guess?

And I learned that I can get a ticket for only RM10 in TGV cinemas if I pay with Maybank card (for showing times before 6pm). 

Lee Chong Wei Movie

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Honestly I don't expect much from it as I haven't watch any new movies' trailers. And I can't imagine the movie is going to be more to formal documentary or else. But, I finally decided to buy the tickets just because it is about badminton and Lee Chong Wei.

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"Tiada impian yang tak dapat dicapai kecuali kalau kita berputus asa dari awal."

Again, it is about effort to achieve something. No matter what, we need to put our efforts while praying hard to get something. 

Kita mungkin belum dapat nikmati terbang ke negara lain kalau the Wright brothers berputus asa nak buat kapal terbang. 
Kita mungkin belum dapat nikmati perkembangan telefon canggih kalau Alexander Graham Bell berputus asa nak buat telefon.

"Hidup ni ada banyak nasihat dari pelbagai orang. Tugas kita ialah cantumkan cebisan-cebisan nasihat untuk jadi sesuatu yang berguna."

Maybe this is not the exact quote from the movie, but I believe it is something like this :)

Well, when we are sorting out the puzzle, we need to organize every parts of it and sort them together to get a full picture of it. Same as the life. 

"Setiap kali hilang keyakinan, ingatlah masih ada orang percaya dengan kemampuan kita."

Haha... I can relate my life to this. In my case, the person will be my family. No matter how hard my day is, every time I look at their faces (virtually for now), my energy get boosted :) May Allah bless them <3

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Nah, a beautiful song! :D

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