Beginning of Housemanship - A New Life Phase

March 3, 2018

Post-orientation week.
2 days before tagging period for first posting.

A place I found serenity. :D

Orientation week was more towards patient safety or something with awareness course for junior HO (houseman) during working. Trust me when I said all medical health people really try hard to take care of our safety. The week ended with a test to see our understanding about it.

So, if you guys want to know, patient safety can be defined as absence of preventable harm to a patient during process of health care (WHO). Understandable, right?

A lot of topics were covered in this course - from the right way to prescribe medications (ubat-ubat kita dapat tu), the right way to have safe surgery, the right way to prevent antimicrobial resistance (this is a big issue in the health world today), the right way for safe blood transfusion (one of the most IMPORTANT things to take note as the mistakes here can lead to death) etc.

Actually, I think any kind of mistakes can harm the patients.

But, doctors are human beings as well. Humans can never run away from making mistakes. But still, the main point here, have we done the best to prevent the mistakes from happening? 

Teluk Batik

Alhamdulillah, still surviving. :) 
Next week will be the beginning of real battle :) 
May Allah ease, may Allah help.

And welcome to another phase of life, Nina :)
New responsibilities.
New knowledge and skills.
New environment.
New friends and colleagues.
New room.
New neighborhood.

It will be challenging. Ultimate one. 
But... keep holding on and keep your faith, Nina.
InsyAllah you will get through it.
Don't keep emotions to yourselves. Let it go, let it out.
Learn fast, every single moment.
Respect others.
Offer yourself.
Help yourself. Help people.
Praise and compliment yourself, praise others.
Eat well.
Pray consistently.
Never lose hope. 
Remember all beautiful people and memories.

Watching sunset on my 3rd day of orientation week.

It is going to be hard but it is not impossible.
You can do it, Nina!

p/s - O&G for 4 months, bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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