Detour by Raudhatul Hifza | Book Review

March 27, 2018

Despite the busy working days, I decided to have a goal of reading at least one book per month. It was a bit hard to keep in track as I don't have the luxury to read the book in the hospital and upon reaching home, I am already tired to even hold a book. 

Memang bila pegang buku nak baca, the next moment I wake up... it is already 5am plus and I need to get ready for another working day. 

So, after analyzing the trend, I got the pattern; to read few pages for 5-10 minutes in the morning while having my breakfast before leaving the house for work. 

And finally I finished reading a book! :D

Detour by Raudhatul Hifza | Book Review

Title: Detour
Author: Raudhatul Hifza
Pages: 268
Publisher: Iman Publication
Publication Date: Jan 2018

There is no specific synopsis of this book unless you haven't read Hiatus. Oh, this book is kind of a sequel of Hiatus, just it is not written by Budak Tomato (I think?) and to be honest I imagine Muharikah is the one who wrote this piece. WAllahualam.

Detour by Raudhatul Hifza | Book Review

In this book, you can get a better understanding of Hiatus, from Raudhah's point of views.

A good, simple book to be honest, with not much cliffhanging parts but I am a bit disappointed with another open-ending book. Tapi, dah tu penulis nak buat, I can do nothing but to read, observe and apply the lessons I've learned from it.


1. Be the person who can bring someone closer to Allah (together with us).
Detour by Raudhatul Hifza | Book Review

I believe I can relate well to the verse as Raudhah and I share the same career. Alhamdulillah I haven't deal with dying patients yet in this department, hopefully not but I believe it is something unavoidable in the hospital. Patients can die every day. 

In O&G, it is more towards happiness of welcoming a newborn into this world. But, there are tears as well. Some women who really want a baby but unable to have one. Some women who got pregnant and really treasure their pregnancies suddenly came to the hospital because of per vaginal bleeding and upon examinations, they are diagnosed to have miscarriages T_T 

'Bukan rezeki saya, kan doktor?' while shedding her tears.

Only Allah knows how sad I am to deal with this. But, I need to be professional as well even though quite a few times, I got carried away with this empathy emotion. What I can do is to calm them (in a rush, I need to help with other patients too) and reassured that 'Allah nak bagi yang lebih baik untuk akak. Akak pun muda lagi, insyAllah nanti akak cuba lagi ya.'

2. Rejection is another part of learning.
Detour by Raudhatul Hifza | Book Review

Well, rejection is my daily meal in the hospital. Well, it is for my own good anyway. Rejections really help me to improve on how to present cases, how to decide on the plans and the most importantly, why I need to perform such examinations and how to persuade patients.

Like, in O&G, not all cases we need to do vaginal examination (known as check jalan). In fact, there is another way to check the vagina - per speculum (orang panggil masuk mulut itik kat bawah) which is usually done if pregnant women complained of leaking liquor (rasa macam ada air mengalir lah doktor)

Same goes to abdominal ultrasound. In some cases, we need to do trans-vaginal ultrasound (masuk probe ultrasound melalui vagina untuk nampak organ peranakan lebih jelas) instead of trans-abdominally. But, we still need to respect the patients if they refuse any. 

  • 'Dah dia taknak, kita tak boleh paksa, Hanis. Yang penting, kita dah bagitahu baik buruk sesuatu prosedur tu dan make sure tulis dalam fail dia yang dia refuse.'

3. This too shall pass.
Detour by Raudhatul Hifza | Book Review

Every time I feel down with my own achievement, I always pat myself, "You have done the best for now, there are always rooms for improvement. And this too shall pass." 

I hope my ability to work will be more efficient and fast with time. Ameen.  

4. Dealing with depressed person.
Detour by Raudhatul Hifza | Book Review

I love how the author described this part well.

It is not that easy to deal with these people in real life. Theory and words are totally different than in reality. People are too different from each other. But, I think that I can use this as a guideline.


All in all, this book is a bit monotonous but I believe that if we read this book for the sake of just to finish it, we will reach to higher disappointment. Anyway, if you have read Hiatus, I would highly recommend this one to continue reading after Hiatus :)

My rating: ★★★☆☆

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