Survived My First Oncall

March 24, 2018

While I am appreciating my offday today, I would love to prepare few scheduled posts for this favorite site of mine. Well, I guess most bloggers are their own blogs' die hard fans, right? I am not an exception :D

Off-tag last Sunday, in which I can join the normal schedule as other housemen. Normal schedule means I have different working hours each day, depends on how my schedule is prepared by the houseman-in-charge. 

Different departments have different working hours, same goes to different hospitals as well. Everything depends on the need of that certain department in that certain hospital itself. As for me, it goes like this. Roughly 60-90hours per week. 

  • A - normal - 0700-1700 (10hours)
  • B - stayback - 0700-2200 (15hours)
  • C - oncall - 0700-1700 (10hours)
  • D - postcall - 2200-1300 (15hours)

The ideal one is maybe? something like this:
  • Monday - A 
  • Tuesday - B 
  • Wednesday - C 
  • Thursday - D 
  • Friday - OFF
  • Saturday - A
  • Sunday - B

Oncall will be followed by postcall. And it is NOT a must to have an off day after postcall. Depends. And we are allowed to have cuti rehat (CR) 8 days in 4 months. Seniors cakap kena pandai-pandai plan kalau nak holidays panjang. Usually, they will do like this "oncall - postcall - off - CR - CR - CR", so you can enjoy at least 4 days and a half to rest. 

Mata memang nampak postcall... so cover sikit.

How was my first oncall?

Alhamdulillah it was not that eventful, just I didn't managed to have much sleep due to my lack of experiences to do the tasks faster. The challenge for oncall is that, only one houseman need to be in charge of the ward for that night - from 10pm to 7am (until other housemen come to work the next morning). 

There were few patients I need to review after Caesarean sections and for these patients, we need to review them at least:
  1. After they had been transferred out of the operating theaters to the post-natal wards, 
  2. 6 hours after operation, 
  3. Any active complaints like shortness of breath or as simple as cough. Noted that some patients may have underlying diseases especially hypertension (no matter pre-existing hypertension means before pregnancy, or pregnancy-induced hypertension) as these patients need to be watched out of impending eclampsia's signs and symptoms. We are scared if they get seizure / fitting episode!

Plus any other active complaints from another patients or any new cases in the ward. 

No matter what complaints the patients have, we need to attend them stat. 

STAT - short form for Latin word's statim which means immediately.

I plan to share few main topics in Obstetrics and Gynecology here in this blog, feel free to read. InsyAllah, I will try my best to explain based from what I've learned theoretically and real experiences I've encountered in the hospital. :) 

Till next post.

M, Perak, Malaysia

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