1st December

December 2, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hi there,

I'm currently updating from my new flat; yeah, I moved again and insyAllah hopefully this will be the last one till I graduate. Ameen.

Today is the first day living here officially. It is farther to the hospital than previous house, but there are public buses frequently available for me. Well, I am still cycling to the hospital (hmm almost to everywhere I need to go). :) But, it is getting cold now and the wind is much more stronger. When the ice starts to form on the roads / pavements, I think I need to start locking my bicycle in the store. Haha. It will be dangerous if I keep cycling though.

Aha, I passed my Neurology credit today! It was a group work to check a patient. When admitted to the hospital, she had a brain stroke and was not able to move right part of the body; at least at that time. At the end, we conclude she has brain lesion with right hemiparesis and also upper motor neuron lesion (based on positive Babinski sign etc). It was quite smooth to do the history taking with the patient. Neurological tests for head and neck, cranial nerves, upper limbs, lower limbs etc must be tiring for the patient, but she kept trying her best to help us with the physical examinations. Alhamdulillah.

Since it is already December now, even in Malaysia too we can expect many decorations for Christmas. They put many big Christmas trees, together with the big ornaments in few places and even decorated trees along the road with beautiful lamps of different colours. That can be seen in different departments of hospital too. I expect loads of discounts in stores. <3

For our general knowledge, Czech Republic is one of the least religious countries in the world. Most Czech people in previous time adopted Christian as religion; the largest one historically. But, it seems to decline a lot until at least 30% are non-religious and most of them are undeclared. So, I can say that Christmas is celebrated here mostly as annual occasion. Like a tradition of family togetherness; decorating a tree every year, share gifts with loved ones, have dinner as a family, spend holidays at the mountain with the family members.

By the way, on Christmas day, all supermarkets are closed. I still remember how we don't have anything to eat on this day during our first year and we didn't prepare for it. :(

p/s - I'm looking forward for the market; especially Trdelnik and caramel cashew nuts. :D

v Khaulah

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