[Behind The Scene] Astronomical Clock Prague; Czech

December 27, 2014 Prague, Czech Republic

Before I continue with the stories / facts behind this famous astronomical clock, let me show you how busy or packed this area will be at every hour. I mean it, every hour, EVERY, everyday. (or maybe not really at midnight - I haven't been there for that specific time) :)

This was somewhere in September 2014, I guess; where autumn is one of the nicest time to visit Prague. Full of brown, orange leaves getting ready to fall off. Even the weather is nice with not really high temperature nor low. 

Let me introduce the history of this clock. 

1. As maybe many of us know, this is one of the oldest astronomical clock in the world, being installed there since 1410 (like middle ages time). It is placed near Old Town Square (which is significant area for European countries). And it is still functioning till now! :D

2. Legend said that it is one of a kind after the creator named Master Hanus was blinded by members of the council. Why? They heard that Hanuš want to build this kind of clock in other town too. Ouch, just because of that? T_T <-- this story was said to be false.

3. Then, the real history exposed. when it was actually made by clockmaker Mikuláš of Kadaň and Jan Šindel. Šindel was a professor of mathematics and astronomy at Charles University. :)

Basically, it had been repaired so many times and some things were added to the tower (in which THAT attract people to see it)

So, what makes it famous?

Of course, the mechanism of the clock - but it is hard for me to understand all astronomical terms or theories. So, can we skip it? Teheee 

Other than that, for sure THESE ANIMATED FIGURES:-

These 4 figures (2 on left side and another 2 on right side of clock); they represent 4 things during the making of the clock (with meanings)


Start with the left one - the first is; we can see a figure admiring himself in a mirror. That represent Vanity. Beside it; a figure holding a bag of gold; that represent Greed. :p


Let's move to the right side. The 3rd figure is the skeleton which obviously stands for Death. The last one figure playing instrument; it was said to be a Turk - represent Pleasure and Entertainment.

At every hour, the skeleton rings the bell while the other figures shake their heads side to side. Means? They are not ready "to go" (to die).


Okay, I have share 4 figures at both sides of the clock. What about in the middle?

Of course there are some more! 12 moving figures (that are presentation of statues of Apostles) - that twelve Apostles presented every hour.

You can watch this video to have more view on the moving figures.

Honestly, I am not a city/town traveler type. I enjoy nature more than watching/understanding the buildings. But, who said we can not learn anything from historical building? 

The beloved sisters on their graduation day last July, 2014 :)

Just take a look at all characters of the figures - vanity, greed, death, entertainment. 3 of them are kind of pleasant things to do / to have in this world.

1. Vanity; feel like we are the best compared to other people. In which sometimes make us become more egoistic, not to listen to other people's advice. 
2. Greed; yeah, feel greed to have everything good at one time. Don't worry much, do things one step at a time okay?
3. Entertainment; addicted to all those fun stuffs, entertainment most probably will lead us far away from Allah. And we don't feel excited to do religious things. Sobss T__T

But, at the nearest end, they are not permanent while we will return to the Creator by dying. Right? Have we prepare ourselves? Gulppp.

Till then,

v Khaulah,

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