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December 14, 2014

It is already season for ice skating :) I am not a good skater though. So far staying in Czech, I just tried ice skating once. Here, you need to give money / something valuable as deposit for renting the shoes. But, in my town, they don't rent the shoes T_T

Well, in Malaysia too, people have the other alternative to go ice skating which is the new IceScape IOI City Mall. The ice rink looks fabulous and way better than the one in Sunway Pyramid (during my time going there). I wish there will be an ice rink in Perak soon. Hee. :)

Looking at all ice hockey lines on the ice rink reminds me of my experience watching an ice hockey match here in Hradec Kralove, Czech; just a few days back. 

7th December 2014.

It was a memorable first hand experience, sitting in front of ice rink with cold temperature. I always wish to watch any games since I arrived here, but I missed them since 2011.This was only after 3 years! Yeay. :D

The match was between Mountfield Hradec Kralove (MHK) and Sparta Praha in which the latter is higher in rank. It was a league match; till now Sparta is in the 3rd rank, while MHK is in the 8th place. I already knew that Sparta Praha is a strong team; actually when doing physical examination on patients at the hospital. T__T Well, you can know more facts about Czech itself while chatting with patients.

One interesting fact about the match was that our doctor (also as lecturer) said he saw us on the television! He is an ice-hockey-fan; while having a break from his night duty, he watched the match live on the tv. And he said he saw 4 Malaysian girls! For sure, personally, he didn't recognized any of us like the name and so on. But, I guess, we are the only one wearing the hijab and that is sort of our identity. :)

Guess where were we? Hihi ;) p/s - zive means live.


By the way, my friend put the memories into this video :) Watch it guys, maybe you can have general idea of how ice hockey game looks like and how are the reaction of the supporters. <3

Since ice hockey is not familiar to me and I guess, most of Malaysians; so, let me share with you something I read from Wikipedia and others :)

1. Directly from the name itself, ice hockey is a game played on ice; basically by 6 players (including goaltender) from each team - they will try to shoot a hockey puck into the opponent's goal.

2. It is called the fastest game on Earth; due to its fast-pace.

3. The first time when ice hockey is played in Olympics is in the year of 1920.

4. 7 countries which predominate the international competitions; Canada, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden, USA.

5. It is a full allowed body contact sport! So, we can expect many injuries and fight :p That's why all players need to wear lots of protective equipment.

6. To be an ice hockey player, absolutely you need to know skating awesomely well! So that you can turn around and move faster on ice.

7. Crowds cheering for their teams with some beers in hand. T_T they can be emotional too.

Looking forward for more winter games soon :D (even though I have no skills of snowboarding, skiing and so on. haha)

Till then,
Assalamualaikum and bye!

v Khaulah,

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