December 22, 2014


Last Friday I  had a opportunity to taste langoš. And it was homemade by my Czech friend, Lucie. :) Well, I was looking forward to eat langoš since the langoš stall was opened just few meters from my flat. But every time I want to buy on my way to hospital or back, there were so many obstacles. Like I didn't bring the money, I was fasting, the stall was already closed, the stall was not opened yet bla bla bla.

Then, on this fine day, the technician was coming to my flat to set up the Internet. Yeah, I just got my own Internet! My flatmate already asked Lucie to help us to communicate with the technician. And even, the technician used her name on the receipt as the person receiving the service. The reason was that, my name is very long to write. Haha. Ouch. 

Really, Malaysians' names are considered long here. At least, mine. ;)

So, basically, langoš is a flat bread that is famous especially in cold weather. Actually, it is not originated here, but from Hungary. It is made by quite basic ingredients like flour, yeast, salt, milk and water. But I'm not sure about the ways of preparing it. Then, the dough is fried in oil. 

To eat langoš (Czech version), we just need to put loads of tomato sauce and grated cheese. Being a Malaysian, you can also put sambal ikan bilis and slices of cucumber. Well, at that time, I cooked nasi lemak just to let Lucie try Malaysian food. It was a bit spicy, and I hope Lucie do not get diarrhea. Alhamdulillah, I guess she didn't :) Hihi.

We already ate most of the food. Haha.

I was so excited when Lucie said she can make the langoš for me. It was like; my dream comes trueeee. Hmm, actually, I heard just few days ago, the langoš sold at the stall in Christmas market contain non-halal ingredients which is lard. Know what it is? 

Lard; pig fat that is usually used as cooking fat. You can read the rest in wikipedia, just type 'lard'.

p/s - 2 weeks holidays are here already. Pray for me to use my time wisely, yeah! :)

Till then,

Bushra, Praha

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