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December 17, 2014

This is another blog that I love; with lots of simple recipes she shared on the blog attached with many beautiful pictures. I love large pictures! :) 

Blog Eny Abdullah.

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Actually, I thought I want to reduce joining any blog segments, but I can't help by joining this one because I followed her blog since I become active in blogging again. Let's be a supportive blogger! :D


By the way, my group will be having Pharmacology test tomorrow. 

Generally, pharmacology is about the way to treat disease by using drugs. So, we need to learn the name (and some commercial name), type of drugs, the pharmacokinetics (on how our body responds to the drugs; from administration, distribution through the body, metabolism and excretion of drugs). Hmm, what else? Of course, how the drugs affect our body (pharmacodynamics) in terms of their mechanism of actions. Other things, for sure we need to know the adverse effects (side-effects) and to whom we should not give the drugs (contraindication) and so on and so on. :)

Pharmacy students and pharmacists, you got my respect! Memorising the names of drugs are already 'killing' me gently. 

Pray the best for us,


v Faculty of Medicine,

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