Segmen Follow And Blogwalking By Muhammad Shahril

December 13, 2014

After joining 2 segments by bloggers, I really agree that they help promoting or get to know other blogs. :) Well, you will have a list of bloggers joining the segments just like you and from there, who knows you will find your favorite blogs (I did; hihi.) 

So, let's join another one! :)

I don't really aim to be a winner. Just, I would like to get into the bloggers' community to share good stories and experiences so that we can learn something or gain the benefits; together :) Well, it is better to be good together instead of just sticking good things to ourselves, right? 

By the way, this segment will end today 13th December 2014, 11.59pm (Malaysia). Hurry up if you want to join!

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v Khaulah,

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