25 Things That Make Me Happy ;)

February 15, 2016

/14 My Happy Place

I am the happiest girl around my family, so my home will be on the first rank. Then, I can say, any places where I am surrounded by trees (or nature generally), they give me happiness as well :)

And, blog will be the next. Haha, dan dann jee. 

Anyway, I've been tagged by Sofie. let's go!

1. Postcards with written notes. Wanna swap with me? ^_^
2. To wake up before Fajr, pray early.
3. When I smiled to people, and they smiled back to me :)
4. When I can answer questions during class.
5. Family time. Especially when my parents say 'Fighting' in every Skype video call.


6. Daehan Minguk Manse triplets.
7. When I remember a person, then suddenly I get a message from her/him, saying 'Hi, how are you?'
8. Read travelogues.
9. Eat food I've been craving for agessss! And seafood (other than Lobsters / tiger prawns / crabs - I'm allergic to them, so far).
10. A clean, organised room. (in which I only able to get it during my post-exam. :p)


11. Nice weather, with sunshine but not super-hot.
12. Road trips (especially with passport stamps!)
13. Stay on bed, under the duvet, watching good movies / shows.
14. Able to finish watching long videos on motivation/religious stuffs.
15. Beautiful quotes.


16. Hiking, mountains, trees, lakes, beach = nature.
17. Train rides (I like flying but not the customs check before and after -_-' )
18. Organizing stuffs during high school (over and over again).
19. Instrumental musics.
20. Cold, rainy nights - awesome for good sleep. Plus, the smells of grass after rainy days.


21. Look at the clock on the phone, and it shows 11.11 or 12.34
22. Stalking.
23. Autumn leaves and blowing dandelions.
24. Girlfriends.
25. You. :)

Let's spread happiness :)

Hardship is His Mercy in disguise ^_^

Anyone who read this, feel free to join! Especially korang kat bawah ni hehe

Siti Yang Menaip
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Hari ni dah start semester baru. T_T Happy happy! Kena happy!
Okayy, bye!

HK, Czech

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