So Colorful

February 3, 2016

2/ So Colorful

These were fireworks that I watched on last New Year 2016 in my town Hradec Kralove. It was a bit weird to have the official fireworks by the town hall on the evening of the first day of January, instead of midnight. :) but, never mind, I enjoyed the fireworks anyway; although people here complained how short the show was. :D Haha.

The fireworks lasted barely for a minute and a half. Lol.

images for colorful fireworks

Anyway, I would love to share a quote I found while scrolling my Twitter on the last day of 2015.

I found the quote quite close to my heart.

Life is colorful when we have other people in our life. Family, friends, neighbors, teachers etc exist to help us to keep supporting each other to stay strong in whatever we do. And life is also colorful with many up and downs, happiness and sadness. All those experiences put colors into our life. I can't imagine my life to be black and white. How dull will it be. T_T

Anyway, how do you feel about the quote?  ;) ;) ;)

HK, Czech

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