Day Trip Plan To Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech

March 7, 2016

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České Švýcarsko - the name of Bohemian Switzerland called by local people here. 

It is a beautiful region that is really close to the border of Germany - Czech, in which the national park itself is connected to Saxon Switzerland (Sächsische Schweizthe) - national park from German side.

Here, I know that Labe River leaves Czech for Germany's Elbe River. This river is quite significant for me as this is the place I spent most of my free times, cycling along it. And the view is fantastic, with crystal clear flowing water.

How To Get To Bohemian Switzerland?

Basically, if you are driving just try to get to the direction of Pravčická brána or Hřensko in which, there is a river separating Hřensko and Schöna (German side). If you are from Dresden by trains, you will arrive in Schöna. While from Prague, you can take trains from Praha Hlavní Nádraží (Main Station)

For a day trip, I would like to suggest this train schedule (from Prague). I've tried myself, and it was nice. 

Prague to Bohemian Switzerland

It is good to start early in the morning just in case to avoid crowds and you can walk leisurely. I've been there end of March of 2014, it was not very crowded actually. Maybe it will be in summer. :)

To check the public transports in Czech, you can always use this phone app - Pub Tran or on this website. You can buy train tickets (Prague - Děčín) directly at the counter in Praha Hlavní Nádraží or via this Czech train website

For bus tickets, you can just buy it from the driver. Don't worry about getting lost searching for the bus, as the bus stop is just in front of Děčín train station.

Bohemian Switzerland to Prague

Day Trip To Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech

Last time I checked the return train tickets from Prague - Děčín is 315kc per person. 
Reasonable, right? :)

Alternative way, check this out.

Suggested Route?

There are many hiking trails in this area, depends on your stamina and how many days you'll be there. For this day trip, I would like to suggest this one as it covers the main sights of Bohemian Switzerland and the important thing, it is an easy trail :D (it will be a bit increasing gradient in the middle of trail)

Pravčická brána (odbocka) - Mezni Louka - Nad soutěskami - Divoká soutěska - Tichá soutěska - Hřensko


A boat ride along the gorges are waiting for you after a long walk. 

Starting from Mezni Louka, you will walk downhills to Divoká soutěska to take a boat ride straight to Hřensko, If you would like to walk along the gorges for a while, you can take another boat ride in Tichá soutěska

But, keep in mind that, they are closed in winter. Check the website for more details about the prices and opening hours. This is important as if they are closed, you need to return to Mezni Louka to take the bus to Hřensko.


Good thing about hiking in Czech is that, you have low possibility of getting lost. So, just follow the color of the route to get to the destination.

I hope this post can give you a rough idea about getting to Bohemian Switzerland for a day trip. Personally, it is really a charming national park that nature lovers should pay a visit. :)

Till then. 
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