Most Beautiful Sights of Bohemian Switzerland, Czech

March 2, 2016

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Bohemian Switzerland was already on my list when I knew Narnia was filmed here, in Czech Republic. This is the second place after Adršpach, famous for its Gothic Gate in Narnia :) 

Most Beautiful Sights of Bohemian Switzerland, Czech

As a beautiful national park, it is also called as České Švýcarsko Národní Park. It forms one of the three famous areas for Rock Towns - other than Adršpach and Bohemian Paradise and all of them located in the north of Czech Republic. 

Here are the most amazing sights of Bohemian Switzerland that I would like to share with you. :)

1. Pravčická brána (Pravčická Gate)

It is the most famous tourist attraction in Bohemian Switzerland. With the length of 26 meters and height of 16 meters, this makes Pravčická brána as the largest sandstone rock arch in Europe. It becomes a special place for Czech people as a beautiful, natural monument of the country. 

Have you realised the arch in one of the Chronicles of Narnia as I mentioned in the first sentence of the post? Aha, specifically in the first movie - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


With a minimum thickness of the arch of 3 meters, the arch is no longer be climbed on - due to many visitors and risk of erosion and injury. So, the scene of where the kids walk on the arch was actually edited and with help of computer graphics, they acted in the studio and pasted them in. 

With a fee of 75 kc for adults, and 35 kc for students, I think you can go and sit below the arch, enjoying the views with a cup of coffee or read a book. You can check the opening hours here

2. Sandstone Along Gabriella's Path 

Most Beautiful Sights of Bohemian Switzerland, Czech

As you keep walking from Pravčická brána to Mezni Louka, you will reach the area of many rock formations. Unlike Adršpach, if I'm not mistaken, the rocks do not have names but still, the stunning views can take your breath away. 

If you really want to take a close view of the rocks as they are remarkable natural phenomenon of North Bohemia, you can try sandstone rock climbing lessons. 

On my way there, I saw a signboard with picture of how the sandstone is theoretically formed. It is interesting to know as I never thought there was sea here!

Most Beautiful Sights of Bohemian Switzerland, Czech

Based on what I understand, this sandstone started the history of geology about 95 millions of years ago (1st picture). There was sea with lots of sea creatures. And the next 45 millions of years, the sea recessed (2nd picture) and then started to transform into rocks with trees on top of it also with beautiful gorges. 

The 4th picture is how we can see Bohemian Switzerland today. In 10 millions of years, it is expected to be further regressed to a flat area. :(

3. Divoká soutěska (Wild Gorge) 
4. Tichá soutěska (Edmund's (Quiet) Gorge)

These deep canyon of Kamenice River are partially accessible by boat - so, at the end of walking path from Mezni Louka, you need to take the boat to Hřensko or otherwise, you can return to Mezni Louka on foot to take the bus.

If you are from opposite route, you can also take a boat ride from Hřensko.

Most Beautiful Sights of Bohemian Switzerland, Czech

One of the gorges is named after an Austro-Hungarian Prince - Edmund Clary-Aldringen.

I must say that they are gorgeous gorges - must-walk-along places. The routes are really by the side of the water and there are few small waterfalls too :)

Interesting fact here is that, there is climate inversion that affect the flora here. The cold air here allows plants like two flowers violet and tree mosses to grow, otherwise can always be found on alpine areas. I'm not sure about the fauna, but it is said that invertebrate animal species that usually be seen in alpine areas, can also be seen here. :D

Most Beautiful Sights of Bohemian Switzerland, Czech

On top is the jetty for the boat. Aha, the boat rides are not free, but the price is reasonable. No worries. :)

So, will Bohemian Switzerland be the destination for your next trip?

I will share about planning a day trip there in the next post.
Till then,
Assalamualaikum and bye.

Hradec Kralove, Czech

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