Travelog Faghuzi/Kompilasi Travelog 7 Benua GIVEAWAY By Aku Seorang Traveler

August 5, 2016

Since I'm not going anywhere for the mean time, I would love to fill my free time with reading, especially travelogue kind of books. I read few already;
- Travelog Mr. Traveller
- Advantura Pulang ke Malaya
- I Am A Backpacker : Korea
- Islam di Barat Muslim di Timur

And now, I have the opportunity to win this - insyAllah. Not only me, but you as well. Jom join!

Tak kena tag, tapi nak join jugak :D

I think I fulfilled the rules.

Now, I would like to tag Mazni <3
Jemput join, korang :D
SS, Perak, Malaysia

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