Zikir Harian & Zikir Taubat Nasuha

August 5, 2016

I met a very kind woman, who used to pray Maghrib with my mother and I together since the past 3 weeks. She cannot hear well, but she has a very good eyesight. I can say she is intellectual and understand Arabic well.

Ahaa, before that, if you have been to Masjid Muhibbuddin Shah, Ipoh - you will know that the women prayer area is upstairs. But, if you cannot really climb the stairs (like my mum), you can just pray at the ground floor.

So, in this 'untuk wanita uzur' area, I accompanied my mum and most of the times, there will be 3 of us there. 

I just realised - I don't even know her name T_T


She shared with us a paper of zikir harian. Let me share it with you guys as well :)

Mana tahu ni MLM pahala :)

From what I listen to tazkirah this one fine day, zikrullah insyAllah will help to protect ourselves from syaitan. As much as we remember Allah, our antibody against syaitan will be even more. :) If we leave zikrullah - we are exposing ourselves to syaitan's traps and tactics. Nauzubillah. T_T
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