5 Things I Learned About Happiness

September 15, 2016

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Being happy.

It is a very vague statement that sometimes we cannot confirm we are feeling happy or not. Happiness cannot be judged by a smile of someone's face - as some of us even cry in happiness, right? 

5 Things I Learned About Happiness
With age come increased wisdom and emotional intelligence.

With age comes increased wisdom and emotional intelligence. - WebMD

As a teenager, I must say that this is the age of exploring all adventures in the world, anything that can be done, any places that we can reach, any people who we would like to be close to. We have the adrenaline rush to do new things. Our problem is one - money. Not living for a long time yet, we don't have a solid source of income that stop us from fulfilling our desires.

Yes, that's why based on survey, when people pass middle age, they will be happier and less stressed about life. To be specific, people above 50 years old. Well, older people have more experiences with life that they managed to control their emotion in the way it should be. They don't have to worry more on how to improve life status as they have been in the situation before. 

Music helps us to be happy.

Listening to songs or any musics can improve happiness as they help the brain to release dopamine. I just knew this while doing this quiz. :) From what I know, dopamine helps in reward system in our brain. What does it mean? 

Reward system is how we can stay motivated. The feeling when we achieve success after we put our efforts on some difficult works with many hardships . I'm sure you can imagine how happy we will be. 

Boost happiness by feeling grateful. 

When we do something by feeling grateful with we have been given, we can be more happy. Just like when you love someone, you are grateful to have known him / her - you tend to do anything for the sake of him / her.

I can relate this to feeling grateful to God. I know it is easier to be said than done. But, I try to reflect myself. If I am willing with my heart to do things for the sake of God, just because I love Him and not because that something is just my duty - it must be a happier feeling, right?

5 Things I Learned About Happiness
They are just a lot. 

He gives me things I need in life, though. :) 

Money and intelligence cannot buy happiness. 

But, I do agree that sometimes happiness need money. 

People who are happy don't really find life as a race to survive. They are more optimistic in everything they meet each day and will turn it into opportunity that they will grab onto.  They don't really have enemies and people feel comfortable to be with them. 

I'm really not in this group. But, one thing that I learn and have try applying it in my life - forgive people. 

"Happiness is not the absence of sadness," - David Spiegel

God give us heart and feeling for us to feel different kinds of feeling. That is a normal thing about human. So, don't feel stressed out if we are not happy all the time. 

Be idealistically right. We can't be happy all the time. Our life is like a wheel, sometimes we can be on top and sometimes at the bottom. Well, I can say that, being sad can also boost ourselves to improve more to achieve happiness. 

Just, don't let sadness become powerful over your life. It should be only temporary, and please, MOVE ON.

Be not sad, Allah is with us. - Quran, 9;40


This post is inspired by a quiz from WebMD. There are few points that I learned from the quiz. And I have related them with my life. So, why not sharing them here? 

Knowledge is to be shared, right? :)

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