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September 9, 2016

There is a vlogger who I have my respect on and I'm looking forward to witness his contributions to the society. 

Aiman Azlan. 

Currently, I am really into his works. Maybe because of his daily YouTube videos that are inspiring and mind-opening. So far, he simply shared a lot of common topics that are actually serious if we try to dig deeper. 

Burnt out.


the other side of the coin
Currently reading..

And even now, I am still on my way reading his book 'The Other Side of The Coin'. I heard that some people can finish reading it within a day, but not for me. I love this kind of book, as I have the chance to relate many things to my situations and try to see how other people think about the problems and solve them. 

The best of people are those who are most beneficial to the society. - TOSOFC

I can agree that he is one of them. :)

Thanks for all the stories that you shared with the subscribers. 

When I read those verses, I keep on thinking have I done anything good to the society? Have I contribute anything with the other people? It's hard to say, it's even hard to justify. Hopefully I did something, at least as a daughter, a friend and a student. 

And hopefully, this blog is one of the medium. Ameen.

Anyway, I would like to promote this fundraising by a good friend of mine. She was my senior, graduated as a doctor from a university in Olomouc, Czech. And I think many people know her already, from her awesome Instagram and Facebook timelines, with beautiful travelling pictures. But, she is now going beyond that. Other than volunteering in a refugee camp somewhere in Greece few months ago, now she is looking forward for another one.

All the details are in the link below. :)

Let's help the world :)

Hradec Kralove, Czech

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