Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech

September 20, 2016

I just went to Petřín hill last Thursday with another two backpackers whom I took around. Again. It is hard to say how many times I've been there. Countless. :D

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Amazing, isn't it?

Petřínské sady, is actually a hill reachable by funicular or you can do simple hiking to the top. Last time I walked up there, it took me about one hour plus minus, including time to fill your camera's memory card with gorgeous photos of Prague. No worries, take your time. There will be many people hike up the hill like you. Even, you can find people sit on the grass along the route to enjoy the view. 

How to get to Petřínské sady?

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Petřín map

The nearest tram stop is Újezd. If you refer the above map, you can see 3 Újezd tram stops. No worries, they are located close to each other. Even I am not familiar with each stops myself. You can take tram number 9, 12, 15, 20, 22, 57, 58, 59, 91 that will stop here. Depends on your previous location though.

Then, if you want to use funicular, you need a pass (the same pass you used for tram, metro and bus in Prague). I will try to make a blog post on how to buy it. -_-' Otherwise, just be fit and hike up okay?  

Once you reach the top, you can watch beautiful scenery of flowers - depends on your luck as well. Hehe, sometimes it can be lavenders, tulips or roses. And it can also be nothing. :p

Walk around and you will find this big tower. Petřín Lookout Tower (Petřínská rozhledna)It is about 64 meters and said to be Eiffel-look-alike. Agree. It was built in 1891, about 100 years before I was born! Wow!

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
The tower

On the ground floor of the tower, there is a cafe and a gift shop (I don't recommend you to buy here, a bit expensive). Interesting part of this tower is, people who walk up the tower will not meet the people who go down, simply because there are 2 separate stairs. :D

It does not look that tall, but if you come here during windy weather - it will be challenging to your soul and mental. Haha. The tower will shake a bit, not that much. 

Oh yea, you need to pay to go up. T_T

October:                       Mon - Sun 10-20
November - February: Mon - Sun 10-18
March:                          Mon - Sun 10-20
April - September:       Mon - Sun 10-22

Adults: 120 CZK
Children 6-15years old (y.o.), students 15-26y.o. (bring your student ID okay), >65y.o.: 65 CZK
Children 3-6 y.o.: 25 CZK
Family ticket (2 adults + up to 4 children): 300 CZK

A bit pricey, but I can say you should not miss the stunning view :)

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Prague Castle on the left. 

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Vltava river - connected with many bridges.

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Trees of Petřín hill.

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Time for...Czech tourism. :)

p/s - I think I want to focus future posts on attractions in Prague and Czech generally. Less than a year left to live in this beautiful country. T_T

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