Little Snippets of Sněžka - My 3rd Time!

September 11, 2016

Sněžka can be pronounced as Sni-ej-ka (with Malay pronunciation).

The view of Poland from Czech.

The video is made by Maryam, as usual. Haha. I love to call her Maryam or Yams (she's okay with it, she calls me Nins anyway). I think it is really suit the theme for today. Yum! :D :D

Just because. Hihi.

Eventhough it was my 3rd time here;
2nd time together with Maryam;
and 1st time with the rest...

....I still took a lot of photographs. Random photos. :D

Anyway, Sněžka is only 1603 meter high but it is the highest point in Czech. It shares the national park with Poland. So, while we were hiking, we need to make sure that the data was not turned on - charges are different with roaming of course.

I will share our hiking experience once Maryam uploaded the video. :)

Although the quality is not good, I love this picture a lot. :) With them in it. 

Adilah mentioned that, "Wahh, Nina. Bertahan lagi ea kamera tu." 

Only then I realised oh yea, this compact camera is already 5 years old. I did mentioned in one Slovenia's post that the quality of photos from the compact camera is dropping. Now, I know why. I do use GoPro and phone camera, but my Sony was the first compact camera I've ever bought. The sentimental is different. :)

p/s - Don't forget World Quran Hour today, at 9am (Malaysia time)!

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