Dancing Building, Prague

September 17, 2016

The name of this building is Tančící dům, in English, it can be called as Dancing House. But, people used to refer it as Dancing Building. :) 

If you come to Prague, you will realise how authentic and classical the buildings are. The city preserves almost all old and historic architectures - that make Prague to be awesome and interesting. However, you can still expect modern buildings here and there, but they will not make the city weird. 

The position and style, are just...nice.

Dancing Building, Prague
Dancing Building, Prague

I haven't been up there, but it is said that you can take a rest at the cafe while enjoying the panoramic view from top of it. Of course, with a fee - about 100kc maybe. I prefer free panoramic view from Petrin Hill though. :) Hehe

Anyway, from the picture above, you can actually see a couple dancing together.

Use your imagination and please comment which one do you think is the man and which one is the woman :)

Oh yea, the nearest tram stop is Jiráskovo náměstí, reachable by tram 5 & 17. Meanwhile if you want to go here by metro, take Metro B (Yellow) and stop at Karlovo náměstí station. Otherwise, just walk from anywhere you are. Haha.

How to Get to Dancing Building, Prague
How to get to Dancing Building, Prague

Okay, see you tomorrow. :)

Hradec Kralove, Czech

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