The Infinity Pool by Damai Laut

January 31, 2020

I've been to one infinity pool in KL - to be exact The Expressionz By Kl Suites with my parents. The pool was awesome, just at that time I didn't have any swimming attire yet, so we just enjoyed the view. 

I am not sure if this pool in Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Damai Laut can be considered as infinity pool, but to me, it looks like that. Hehe :D

"An infinity pool is a reflecting or swimming pool, where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. Such pools are often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or with the sky." - Wikipedia

Let's enjoy the view. 

Still early in the morning, not so many people yet. Look at the view, looks like the pool is connected to the sea, right? :)

We were enjoying the view, really!

My first ever burkini.

My first burkini is Slazenger Womens Burkini 3 Pieces Suit - bought in SportsDirect. I have always wanted to have a proper swimming attire as I found it extremely difficult to enjoy pools in any hotel. They always reject women without any swimming attire, though I have once tried wearing some jersey's type of clothing. And I was a bit jealous of Haziq enjoying his swim before. HAHAHA. 

That's it, I was like.... can I have my own swimming attire, pleaseeee?

There you go. 

This part of the pool is DEEP, not for kids. I barely can walk inside. At least up to my chin was under water. 

Another swimming stuff that I surely need to buy is a waterproof casing/bag. During that time, I was putting my phone on the line by walking in the water with the phone on my head - just for the sake of photos. Haha. 

I don't have much personal / random photos since I got into housemanship -_-' , so... I really want to have memories of this view. 

Me at the end. 

Our room was just behind the big, red pail. 

Oh yeah, you can also enjoy few random animals by the pool - at that time, I can see this tortoise and iguana. Wait, is this tortoise or turtle?

After a slide!

This is a very niceeee showerrrrr. 

After a good one hour dip in the pool, we decided to have our breakfast. There were lots of food available. Actually Haziq was the one selecting our breakfast food while I was securing a table outside the dining hall, facing the sea. 

Quite a variety of meal I must say. 

With our wet attire, we were allowed to have our breakfast anyway, just not inside as the seat was covered with pillow, unlike outside, it was more to garden chairs. 

After a good breakfast, we went back to the room and prepared to have some sport activities. We actually planned for some jets-kiing but the staff in charged told us the water was bit low-tide at that time, we should wait till evening. There are at least 2 horses if you wanna go horse riding though. 

The counter to book and pay. 

Choices of activities and the prices. 

Another fun activities to choose from.

There were few animals that you can enjoy too - chicken, gooses etc. If you are coming with kids, I am sure they are going to love this!

Since we already had experience with ATV, we went for buggy ride. It actually feels like driving a car though, not that adrenaline rush as ATV. Next time, I am going to choose ATV instead. 

Haziq's favourite. Archery. I am not that experienced with archery, hence I blamed that for my bruises on the elbow. Hahaha, salah angle tarik bow diaaaa. 

This is called longkang fishing. Interesting to do with kids, there are lots of fishes in different colors, so kids can learn how to fish and put them into different containers according to colors. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this short trip. I've been told that if you want to do all activities, it is still doable even without the need of checking into the resort. If you love golfing, there is a 18 holes golf site too :)

Gonna miss the view and I look forward for next trip!

Now, let's go back to working reality. Haha.
SM, Perak, Malaysia

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