Birthday Surprise for Husband - Failed Attempt

January 29, 2020

I am not the kind of person who really 'celebrate' birthdays. Really. I have been growing with this kind of birthday 'celebration' - mak ayah will wish me happy birthday with some prayers too, then if we are free on that specific day, we will go out for some meal, buy the cake together and if lets say they offer any birthday gifts, we choose together.

So, I can say I suck at birthday surprise, birthday party whatsoever T_T

Got married to Haziq is a point where I learned all these things. Honestly, I am still learning about him, but I kind of sense that Haziq loves surprises. Studying far away from home like me, the different is he loves going back home suddenly without informing the parents in advanced - just to surprise them haha. That's totally opposite to me, where I always update my whereabouts to my parents. :D

But, no worries, marriage is where we learned to appreciate different approaches, different personalities - on how to live with diversity in peace and harmony, I believe.

Haziq's birthday is on 25th of January. 

I planned to surprise him in the ward (we were both working on that day, duh.) The surprise in charge was informed what kind of brownies I would like and bouquet as well, we agreed to surprise later in the evening - not to disturb his morning and afternoon round. 4pm was the exact time, I assumed there will still be lots of friends in the ward - to share the brownies and the chocolates. 

Suddenly, at 12 pm....

          Haziq: "I am going to Ipoh to accompany a patient for scope."

To make the story more interesting, the patient he was in-charged on that day need OGDS (means to insert camera to the digestive system to check any bleeding and proceed with intervention to stop bleeding if any). 

OGDS can be done in Hospital Manjung actually, but.... right now, we are blessed with only one surgeon --> the surgeon is a Chinese --> 25th Jan is Chinese New Year, so all procedures and operations cannot be done in our hospital as there is no surgeon oncall to supervise them. All selected procedural cases need to be send over to HRPB Ipoh for further intervention.

          Hanis: "When are you guys leaving?"
          Haziq: "Hmmm, around 2pm? We already booked the ambulance."

I tried to estimate the time when he would return to Manjung. Hahaha. As I have experienced few ambulance rides to HRPBI, I can asssume 2 hours to go there, 1-2 hours to wait for doctors to review our patient, another 2 hours ride back to the our hospital. That will sum up to at least 5 hours, and he shall return around 8pm, plus minus 9pm.

And to conclude the day, I decided to just celebrate him at home - with some dinner as my shift on that day was from 7am to 7pm, I thought I will have time to organize few decorations here and there. Hahaha.

And guess at what time Haziq returned home? 
11.30pm! Hahahaha.
I was 90% sleepy at that time. 

InsyaAllah I will understand the reality of doctors' working life as I am one of them. But I feel bad that he did not get proper celebration on this day as the first time celebrating it as a husband. :)

Here we go, my surprise-but-not-that-surprise birthday celebration! Haha, though I failed the attempt but alhamdulillah I am satisfied with my effort. Lol *syoksendiri* Will improve myself for the next one :D

Sharing this IG for those searching for surprise presents around Manjung :)

Alhamdulillah. :) Happy with the results nevertheless - delicious brownies, beautiful bouquet of fresh flower with helium balloon :)

SM, Perak, Malaysia

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