Dinner by the Beach

January 30, 2020

Actually we have experienced a number of dinners by the beach. Haha :) Well, Manjung is very close to the sea, I've told you, right? There are few other dinner places you can try while enjoying the view. 

But, this time, we decided to have dinner at the resort we're staying - just to get the experience (tutup mata bayar T_T) I'm glad the resort accepts Boost and since I am eager to use the shop back app, never mind the price then. We have not much time to spend our money together though T_T Limited free time!

Meal of the night.

Prior to dinner, we went back to Manjung for Haziq's futsal tournament - my first time watching him on futsal court. He blamed his weight gain after marriage for the loss. LOLLL. It's okay sayang, we can still try exercising after this (though this mission always fails due to lots of eating T_T)

He was the goalie :)

Sunset from the futsal court. This place was used as one of the tournament venue during last SUKMA, anyway.

We had our Maghrib prayer at AEON mall, on our way back to the resort.

At the resort, we didn't wait much as we already pre-ordered the food and decided the time for dinner. So, once we arrived, the food was served on the table.

Nasi Goreng Damai Laut *ithinkso* there were nasi goreng with chicken, prawns, sate, egg

While this was nasi goreng with rendang tok. 



Overall, the food is quite delicious. Just the price is to be honest, priceyyyy. Hahaha. Of course we can get few more side dishes with that price, outside. But, it is still okay if we just do this once a while. 

Till next post, the (?)infinity pool! 

SM, Perak, Malaysia.

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