I am The Adventurer (ISFP-T)

January 5, 2020

I was reading a blog post of Ain Soofiyah about her personality and suddenly I wonder about mine. I think I have done the test before, but not really sure what was it. So, I decided to redo the test, well, I have been working for almost 2 years, I assume my personality will be a bit different. 

Summary of my personality based on the further explanation (they explained a lot!) Honestly their words are too beautiful and I can reflect myself a lot, like "woahh, I feel it!", "macam betul je niii."

Happy to Be Who They Are
  • Adventurers are unpredictable, even to their close friends and loved ones - because they love spontaneity.
  • They need time to recharge and during this time, they will reflect themselves then come back as a transformed one.
  • They will find ways to push their passions (more into gambling / extreme sports).
  • Can lose tempers after receiving criticism that are more biting / less mature 

Meaning is in Every Expression of Life
  • Biggest challenge is to plan for the future 
  • It is hard to develop and maintain a new habit, but Adventurers will use their strengths to pursue whatever they've come to love.

Adventurer Strengths
  • Charming - they are relaxed and warm - makes them likable & popular. 
  • Sensitive to others - can easily relates to other's emotions - can minimize conflict
  • Passionate - hahaha this is interesting. It says that when Adventurers are caught up in something exciting and interesting, they can leave everything else in the dust. :D
  • Curious - they need to see and explore first to confirm anything.
  • Artistic - have a way to visualize stuffs. 

Adventurer Weakness
  • Fiercely independent - if anything interfere with freedom of expression, it creates sense of oppression.
  • Unpredictable - tend to actively avoid planning for future - may affect romantic relationship / financial.
  • Easily stressed - they live in full of emotion.
  • Overly competitive - can escalates small things into intense competition, turning down long term success to be happy at the moment
  • Fluctuating self-esteem

Romantic Relationship
  • They prefer to listen than to express
  • If they are accepted for who they are, Adventurers are warm, enthusiastic partners
  • Tend to let partner to lead for long term plans, but they almost never run out of things to do at the moment.
  • Caring and loyal, love finding ways to surprise partners in fun little ways. 
  • Enjoy spending time with partner.
  • Adventurers believe in actions, not words – but it’s crucial that they know their feelings are shared.
Things are unlikely to ever grow stale – even the longest-term partners can be surprised by the secrets Adventurers keep.

  • Love spending time with friends doing casual, fun activities
  • Adventurers’ relaxed, non-judgmental attitudes make it easy for them to get along with others, but it’s not always the same way around.
  • Sensitive and takes time to build enough trust with new friends to open up and feel natural

  • Adventurer personalities’ natural warmth, practicality and relaxed nature help them to settle in and appreciate every moment of joy and hardship that comes with raising a child.
  • People with the Adventurer personality type love fun, hands-on activities, and as their children grow, they’re often encouraged to pick up extra hobbies that revolve around those kinds of activities.
  • Still, need to rely on partner for long term planning for kids.

Career Path
  • Adventurers personalities' greatest need: creative freedom
  • Whether organizing charity events, working with hospitals to make patients’ stays more pleasant, or laying stone to help make a house a home, Adventurers always seem to find a way to make the world a little more beautiful and exciting, and to make a living in the process.

All in all, seems like there are things I can totally relate to myself and quite a number that I don't feel the same. Maybe I should take the test again later. Haha. But, I guess you guys can take the test too, it is interesting to discover ourselves and maybe get to know something new about us too :D

SM, Perak

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