Best Eight in 2019 - What About 2020?

January 3, 2020

Haha, I was excited to follow the crowd to do this bestnine-thingy, yet to find that I don't even have 9 pictures to complete it. :D

But it was okayy, as all pictures in Instagram for 2019 are the selected one, to remind myself, how good my life has been. Thank you Allah :)

For this 2020, I wish to post and share my reflection more on my blog that has been away from me. I miss writing my self-reflection and actually Instagram is an easier medium to do so, but most of times, I feel my Instagram now is too public for me to share my feelings especially the one related to work. :)

I can't afford to write a long post which I feel really bad for that. I miss the moment I have free time to write. 

Things change. I am looking at the bright side of it, yeay!
Shorter post, but regular one :)

SM, Perak.

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