3 Tips to Get More Cashback via Touch 'n Go eWallet

January 11, 2020

I am a big fan of eWallet. Maybe because I prefer not to bring lots of cash or to withdraw money as well. Or maybe because my phone is always with me. Before the wave of eWallet, I prefer paying via debit card and credit card. Credit card is very tricky if you can't control yourself from impulsive shopping though.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner, we can expect quite a number of 'promotions' is ongoing. But since I am not that shopaholic, I don't mind much about the sale. -_-' Just, few promotions via Touch 'n Go that attract my eyes are those involve groceries shopping or daily stuffs like toiletries, petrol etc. 

In Manjung, I prefer getting my groceries from Tesco and TF, while my husband loves to do so from AEON. Haha, big difference tho. I always have the idea that buying groceries from AEON is only for rich people. But to my surprise, after spending few times doing so with my husband, it is not really true, as long as you know when to buy, do good price comparisons and make full use of AEON member card/day :)

These are 3 tips I would like to share with you on how I make full use of cashback via TNG eWallet. Maybe you guys already know about it, let's embrace the similarities of idea together :) hehe

1. Pay in two different transactions.

  • Check how much you need to spend to get the cashback. 
    • Tesco - spend RM60 to get RM8 cashback.
    • TF - spend RM80 to get RM8.88 cashback.
    • Giant - spend RM60 to get RM6.88 cashback.
    • 99 Speedmart - spend RM40 to get RM8 cashback. 
  • Divide our groceries into two part - usually Haziq will pay via his TNG eWallet and I will pay the other half. So, after 3 days, we can get at least 2x the cashback (one of each of us). Looks complicated, but who does not want at least RM16 (RM8 x 2)  for free?

2. Buy in two separate days.

  • Check how many transactions you can do per month AND within the promotion period - usually 1-2x per promotion period.
  • Since I love walking around the mall (usually to spend time at the bookstore), I decided to buy stuffs in 2 separate days. This usually happen when Haziq is working and I am on my off day. I am not strong enough (anymore) to buy lots of groceries at the same time, so divide them into two phases is my alternative. Another point contributing to this is currently we are staying in an apartment, which makes me a bit difficult to bring back all the items I've bought to my unit. T_T Berat mak aiiii.

3. Buy from different stores.
  • Maybe it is a bit tricky if you need to face traffic jam to do so. While in Manjung, all stores/supermarkets are quite close to each other. So, I don't really mind to do so. 

Anyway, that's all.

Do share your tips to get more cashback (it can be via other medium too - Boost, Grab Pay etc). 

I just learned that Shopback is a good one too as it can be connected to Boost :D Since then, whenever I am paying with Boost, I will make sure I pay via Shopback-Boost, just to get more cashback :)

All in all, I still believe these eWallets should be used within our budget, please don't simply buy more than we need just for the sake of getting more cashback kay? 

Seri Manjung, Perak, Malaysia.

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