5 Things I Learned From Bajrangi Bhaijaan [MOVIE]

January 18, 2016

I just watched a touching, meaningful story of a Pakistani girl, who was lost in India. The movie showed how a very kind guy was willing to sacrifice his time and money to take care of her. He even risked his life to take her back to Pakistan even without passport and visa.

Here, I would love to share few things I learned from this movie and insyAllah may you be inspired with these as well :) 

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Mind you, watch the movie first before you read this, or else you will not really get the connection of what I am sharing about. Hihi. 

Watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan full movie online with English subtitle HERE. Try the 2nd video, yea. 

1. The beauty of Kashmir. :)

The beginning of the movie is about Shahida and her family watching cricket tournament on television near their house in the mountain area of Sultanpur. The view from this village was very mesmerizing and very Switzerland's like. I bet, so many people loves this kind of view to wake up with and have a cup of tea or coffee, right? So, why not put Kashmir in our bucket list? :D

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Do you know that Kashmir is also a part of Pakistan? If not, we are in the same boat. Haha. Pardon my geography! Actually a part of Kashmir is also in China but it is not really recognised by India. I wonder why.


The beautiful scenery here is enough to lead me checking the flight ticket to Kashmir. Looks like one of the nearest airport is Srinagar Airport if I'm not mistaken. You can check this link to see what can people do in Kashmir :)

I just checked e-visa to India for Malaysians costs 49 USD for single entry, valid for 30 days. It is needed prior to arrival. But, I have no idea about Pakistan. 

2. We can still help people of different faith. 

In this movie, we can learned that the guy named Pawan is so faithful to his religion, Hindu. A reminder to me as well, am I a good Muslim? Pawan is very kind and religious. In nearly one hour of the story, only then Pawan knew that Shahida / Munni is a Muslim, who is totally different that him and his girlfriend's family (her father really hate people of different caste). 

And did he leave Munni alone after he knew that? Nope. Or maybe he planned to actually, but that idea was stopped by Rasika :)

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

He still tried hard to take Munni to Pakistan Embassy and did many other things, just to let her be with her family again. 

Did he lost faith in his religion after having so many memories in different mosques and spending time with few Muslims? Not, right?

A thing to ponder here :)

3. Money is not everything, but everything needs money. 

We can reflect this in the scene when Shahida's parents need to sell their goats to get money for the passport and visa to India. For the sake of the daughter :) And let's reflect how our parents or family spent the money they hardly earned for our happiness and things we need? T__T

How about another scene?

After not being able to leave Munni in Pakistan Embassy (because of the riot), Pawan tried to go to a travel agency where the agent asked for extra money to offer 'informal help' to Pawan. Pawan and Rasika sacrificed their money (which supposed to be used to pay for a house's deposit) to the agent.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

I really hate the agent guy who had the gut to sell Munni to those kind of people. Money really makes people blind sometimes. Or to some people T____T

Reality hurts!

4.  Work hard. 

I think this life lesson comes along in so many scenes in this movie!

Just like the scene when Shahida's parents sacrificed for the passport and visa to India. I am sure, we all knew that taking care of goats is not an easy job. It takes patience and hard work to do so. Why did they do that? Why to India? Just because someone shared there is a place in Delhi that the prayers can be accepted. 

They want the best for Shahida. 

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Another scene, funny one. This is when Pawan failed the exam for 10 times! and received a slap for each of the failure from his father. Did he give up? Did he cheated in the exams for the sake of passing? Nope!

He tried again, again, again  and again, and finally pass. He didn't even expect that his father will die out of shock because he passed. T__T

One more, I was amazed when Pawan and the rest tried hard mentioning so many names of cities in India to guess where Munni came from. It was so funny though and I kept on thinking, "why are they very patient to keep guessing like that?"

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

If you watch the movie, I am sure you will realised many more! :)

5. Social media is the best, fastest way to spread news.

For this, I can reflect how the journalist came up with the idea to share the story of Bajrangi and Munni via television. However, he was rejected by the television stations because the story was not that 'famous or strong issue' for the stations.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

He did not give up, he still uploaded the video on YouTube, hoping for more clues. The video raised people's awareness on this issue. They even showed support by going to Kashmir's border to send Pawan crossing to India. 

Well, how many of us received news on any issues from social media? 
How many of us still read the newspaper (physical one)? 
How many of us share the news we knew online?


A thing can gets viral just by uploading or sharing on the Internet. So, can I say Internet is a good place to share good things? And it can be otherwise vice versa?

Think hard and spread only good things :)

p/s - all images & GIF are from Google & screenshots. 
p/s/s - you can expect English posts here in this blog, sometimes. I am planning to delete the other blog T__T
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